Charley’s Rescue

Published: April 16, 2011

We adopted Charley from BREW right before New Years 2001. We adore her -- she is the first one to meet every one of us at the door when we come home, wagging her tail furiously, and she is warm, furry, sweet, and loving to every member of our family. She brings more love, comfort, and happiness to our home than we EVER had before!

Anyway, recently we had the blessing of rescuing two other beagles, right in our own neighborhood. We had just returned home around midnight from a week away on summer vacation, and my 13 year-old son Andy went to walk Charley before going to bed. While he was out walking her, I heard some VERY distinctively-beagle baying from somewhere behind our house, sounded like a block away or so. There are no dogs that live in that direction, I knew. When Andy came back, I mentioned the baying to him, and he said that on his walk he had noticed a REWARD poster about two lost twin beagles, posted on the next block. We got into the car (it was almost 1:00 a.m. at this point) and he showed me the poster, and we wrote down the phone number. I called the owner (yes, at 1 a.m.) and she came over, but by that time, the baying had stopped. The owner told me the dogs had been missing for three days, and that on the first day, someone had reported hearing them in that same area.

The next morning, I took Charley on her leash, and two extra leashes, and some dog treats, and we went walking in the direction we'd heard from the night before. About 3 blocks away, we heard barking, and we followed the sound, to the back of someone's house (no fence). It was just like an old Lassie TV show or something -- there were two beautiful beagles, stuck in a very deep window well behind a house. The occupants must have been away on vacation also, since I can't imagine that no one in the house would have heard them all that time. Anyway, I had to reach in pretty far to pull each one out, but they were very sweet and gentle, so I managed, and leashed each one. One started to run away, but I rattled the treat bag and they came running back (along with Charley!) for treats. The three leashed dogs and I walked back to my house, I called the owner, and gave them water and food.

The three dogs really enjoyed each other's company in our back yard, while we waited for the owner to come get them. It turns out that they only live a few blocks away from us (those beagles didn't get very far before getting trapped, I guess), and we have exchanged phone numbers and are planning play dates for the three beagles.

Happy ending to a story. And more...the owner gave a reward to my son and to Charley. We are keeping $20 for bones for Charley, but we are sending the rest to BREW, because we are constantly grateful to you for sending us Charley, and for all the other dogs you work so hard to save.

We will be sending the check in the mail. Just wanted you to know, we are grateful for Charley every day/night/all the time, and we are always mindful of the wonderful work that you do.

by Beth Weisberg

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