Age: 7 weeks Gender: Female
FemaleHigh Energypuppy
Published: October 21, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

Hi, my name is Charlene from the Designing Women pups. I have the most unusual markings and have started getting some ticking to fill in the white areas.

I turned 7 weeks on the 19th and weigh 3.2 pounds. I am the calmest of the litter (but am still a puppy!). I love long naps, a good cuddle and toys that crinkle.

I will be available for adoption on November 2nd but am accepting applications now!

If you are interested in any of the "Designing Women puppies," please submit an adoption applicationPlease note that we get A LOT of applications for puppies, so your application MUST be accompanied by the $15 application fee. We strongly recommend that you submit that fee via Paypal to avoid delays!

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  1. Where are you located. I may be interested in a a rescue Beagle. PHONE NUMBER REMOVED FOR PRIVACY

    • Erin

      Hi, Chris – BREW is based out of northern Virginia, and most of our dogs are located in the greater Washington, D.C. area (VA/DC/MD) and in eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. We can work with adopters further away, but the adoption process requires a home check, and adopters are expected to travel to meet prospective dogs. For more information on the process, you can visit THIS PAGE. Thanks for your interest in adopting a beagle!

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