Celebrating Miss Geordi

Published: April 22, 2011

The Pinson family adopted "Miss Geordi" in April 2010.  Geordi wants everyone at BREW to know that she is very happy with her new family and has successfully completed her first training class in November.  She plans to enroll in an advanced class next month.

In addition to being a super intelligent girl, Geordi is very loving toward her big brother, Boomer, and has made many friends in the neighborhood.  She enjoys taking long walks and playing with her stuffed animal toys after she has chewed off the legs and feet and pulled out all the stuffing.  She carries around the empty fabric shells and is constantly placing them in different locations all over the house, following some secret logic known only to herself.

On Geordi's behalf and to celebrate her new life with us, we are sending a donation to BREW to help another Beagle find his or her forever home.

Best Regards,

The Pinson Family (Jerry, Chris, Boomer & Geordi)

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