Age: 2-3 years Gender: Female
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Published: October 13, 2014

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 6 JUNE 2016: Cee Cee looks forward to meeting everyone at the June adoption event.  She has been very busy chasing chipmunks and rabbits in the backyard with her sisters and patrolling along the fences to sniff for any varmints that might try to sneak into the yard.  We seem to have reached an agreement on shoe chewing - as long as I keep my shoes in the closet and keep Ceecee entertained with rawhides, toys and her sisters, she will leave my shoes alone.  She is doing well on walks although she is easily distracted - as are her sisters - by all of the interesting smells in the neighborhood and the kids who want to visit with her.  She waits on the bed in the front bedroom so she can watch what goes on in the neighborhood and know the minute I get home and then tear down the stairs to be part of the welcoming party.  Ceecee is pretty quiet - I don't know if my judgment is off because I am comparing her to Allie and Molly who are very vocal but the only time she lets her feelings knows is when another dog gets a little too close to her rawhide.  She either sleeps in the bed with me or in the crate with one of her sisters - she still wants someone close by at night.

4 APRIL 2015: Cee Cee is still doing well in her foster home with her sisters Molly and Allie (see the one photo of Molly sleeping with a nice protective paw on Cee Cee) and enjoying the fact that she can go outside and enjoy running around in the yard.  She's still shy around strangers but good with other dogs and warms up to people as long as they give her the time to come to them.  She really likes chewing on the antlers, and I really like that she has found something more attractive than shoes!

2 MARCH 2015: CeeCee is getting along very well with her foster sisters (and BREW alumni), Allie and Molly (formerly Jolly) - she has inspired a big energy spurt in Allie in their regular evening wrestling sessions.  CeeCee found all of the toys that I got for Allie and Molly that they were never interested in, and she has put them to good use in the backyard.  When she gets bored, she does go in search of newspapers and shoes so she has gotten me in the habit of keeping things tidy around the house!

CeeCee had a couple of accidents in the house when she first came to live with us but she hasn't any problems since then and is on the same schedule as the other girls.  She uses the dog door during the day and sleeps through the night.

CeeCee was immediately comfortable with Allie and Molly but was a little skeptical about me.  After a couple of days she warmed up to me and now gives all of us lots of kisses.  She barks when she goes out with the other girls to check on who has been in the yard; otherwise she doesn't seem to bark very much.  CeeCee sleeps in my room with the other girls - either in a crate or on a dog bed.  In the morning she will get up on the bed with me but most of the night she spends with the other dogs.

I think she needs to be in a home with another dog and/or someone who is home during the day.  She does much better on weekend days when I am around during the day in terms of not getting into mischief.

She does okay on a leash but most of our time together she has been able to run around in the backyard. She does come when she is called - which is more than I can say for her sisters)!

27 JANUARY 2015: CeeCee recently moved into a foster home! She was shy at our last adoption event, but stay tuned for more about her once she has settled in.

Original info: CeeCee is a 2- to 3-year-old beagle mix who is fully vetted. She is a friendly once she gets to know you and gets along well with other dogs.  She was a stray at the Amelia County Animal Shelter, so her history is unknown.

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