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Pippin and Laddie Aspinall go to Rainbow BridgeFebruary 28, 2015

Pippin was the queen of the house the first day she arrived and no matter who else was there or what other dog came in the door (foster or to live) she told them what to do and they did it.  And her people did...
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SoloOctober 12, 2014

Age: 10-11 years Gender: Male
Good with dogsHas a clueLargemalePrefers no kidssenior

I've Gone to the Rainbow Bridge

7 AUGUST 2017: We are sad to report that Solo passed away today in his foster home. He was loved  and will be missed by Biscuit, Brenna and his foster mom of three years. He and Buster are enjoying meeting up in doggie heaven. Buster is showing...
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A Farewell to BaileyOctober 30, 2013

Dear Bailey, We liked you as soon as we saw you at the adoption day back in September 2004.  You weren’t the peppiest or loudest beagle in the bunch, but we were drawn to your subdued demeanor and adorable little face.  Besides, we were looking...
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FaithSeptember 5, 2013

Age: 12 years Gender: Female
FemaleGood with catsGood with dogsHas a clueMediumsenior

I've Gone to the Rainbow Bridge

Faith passed away surrounded by her forever foster family in late 2015. She was very loved by her family, and we thank them for giving her such a wonderful home. 26 JUNE 2014:  Faith has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer. She will stay with...
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HoosierMay 9, 2013

Bad for apartmentCouch potatoCrate-trainedGood with dogsGood with kidsHousetrainedmaleMediumPotties on leashseniorSpecial needs

I went to the Rainbow Bridge Tribute from Hoosier's Foster Mom, December 2013: Hoosier came to our female household in May. He fit right in from the beginning. Given his medical problems and his early history, Hoosier could easily have become a cranky old fellow....
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Tribute to CloeMarch 14, 2013

On March 16, 2002 my wife and I travelled to Purcellville, VA for a scheduled appointment at Blue Ridge Veterinary Assoc. Our purpose was to meet a young female Beagle that BREW had named “Diana”. She was listed as #2-069. “Diana” was everything we had...
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PollyNovember 22, 2012

Age: 9-11 Years Gender: Female
Couch potatoCrate-trainedFemaleHousetrainedMediumPotties on leashPrefers no kids

I've Gone to Rainbow Bridge

25 AUGUST 2016: Sweet Polly has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. BREW is so thankful to her foster mom for the loving care she provided to Polly over the past several years. 11 AUGUST 2016: We are sad to report that Polly has been diagnosed with terminal...
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Penny LaneSeptember 5, 2012

I adopted Penny Lane in January 2003, and lost her on September 1, 2012. Penny’s BREW name was Sonny and she was fostered by Kent and Rita. Kent brought Penny along for my home inspection and she was very shy and wouldn’t look at me...
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Loving Tribute to Mickey StantonAugust 17, 2012

We adopted our beloved Mickey from BREW in January 2004. He died on August 6, 2012, from cancer. His gentle, loyal, loving, and goofy soul enriched our lives more than I can even say. We are so sad without him, but also feel incredibly grateful...
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A Tribute to BaxterJune 18, 2012


Baxter first came into our lives in October, 2007. As you can see, he was happy to be part of our family from the first meeting with us. We lost him on May 12, 2012, and have missed him ever since. We had four BREW...
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