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Age: 6 years

Gender: Male

QUICK UPDATE – NOVEMBER 2014: Luca stopped by our last Virginia event, where he charmed adults and children alike and enjoyed seeing the other BREW beagles!

4/10/12 Update:  At age four, Luca is a playful and rambunctious beagle.  He loves to hang and romp with other beagles and is also a friend to frisky felines. Luca was dropped off at a shelter with a broken tail, which left him with neurological damage.  His tail was amputated; however, he is still 100% beagle and extremely loving.  Luca would like to find a permanent home with a family or someone who has some love and patience to spend on him.  To know Luca is to love him.  Do you have room in your heart for him?

12/15/09: Luca was great around my 6-month old niece.  She grabbed his ear but he didn’t react at all.  He even let me hold her and waited till she went home to get back into my lap

07/04/09: Luca is doing well.  He loves to be near humans as well as other dogs.  Sometimes he will jump up in my arms and moan in happiness while receiving a belly rub.  It is almost like having a baby.  He is definitely a cuddler.  Luca needs someone who is willing to go outside the box by taking care of ALL his needs.  He is on a special diet and wears regular baby diapers to help with his neurological damage, but don’t be fooled, he is 100% beagle.  Once you meet him, he’ll charm his way into your heart.

UPDATE 11/21/08: Miss that maternal feeling? Got free time?

I need someone special who is willing to give me lots of extra TLC. See I was injured–I don’t remember how–painful experience, but my tail was amputated. I am left with some neurological damage, but I am otherwise fine. Now I am looking for someone to care for ALL my needs. I assure you I will make it up to you through love, cuddling, quirky expressions, and the usual beagle traits. You won’t regret it. My foster mom can vouch for me. She’d keep me, but she works long hours and knows it is in my best interest o find someone with more time to care for me. If I sound like a match with you, let’s meet.

Older info: It turned out that Luca’s tail was broken and it just hung there and got in his way. We had the tail removed and he is so happy about it. He couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t wag. He looks adorable with his little stub and it suits him. He is a tiny guy and very sweet. What a lovely face and long, soft ears.

Luca is a 1 1/2 year old neutered beagle boy that is fairly small. He’s fairly energetic but gentle when being handled. He is typical beagle in that he is food driven. Unfortunately his tail is crooked, don’t know if it was an accident or from birth but it doesn’t seem to hinder him. He gets along well with other dogs. He was a stray at the Culpeper Animal Shelter so his history is unknown.

Sponsored By:
Jay Pacitti – In Loving Memory of Molly Anne Beagle Fieo Family – In Memory of “Henry” Fieo In loving memory of Sue Reed – A beagle lover to the end Luca, may you find your forever home angel Rob Miller Marisa Lotito – In Loving Memory of my Lucas Ann Spavor – In Honor of:  Zivah Ailyiah Davvid Beagle Ann Spavor – In Honor of:  Lily Ailyiah and Ari ben Canaan Ann Spavor – In Honor of: Zivah Ailyiah Davvid,Daisy ben Duffy,Sasha Alexie Katie Ann, all the Beagles I have loved in my 66 years. Ann Spavor – Luca , may you enjoy every day and night and someday find a forever home. Lissette Mondello Trisha Cain Ann Spavor in Honor of my beautiful boys, Nin, Sasha, Alexie, Alexe and Ari ben Canaan. Beagles Robert Meeham in Honor of Lady Ann Spavor – Brave, beautiful Luca. May you find a forever, loving home.


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Age: Approximately 6-8 years

Gender: Female


July 29, 2013: There’s not much more to add about Polly except that the addition of a senior foster brother has only added one more individual to her kingdom. She’s a very affectionate little beagle and will do best as either an only dog or with a submissive packmate.

She is ideally suited to someone at home a lot who will give her lots of attention, take her with them whenever possible and allow her the run of the house. She’s allowed to be loose in the house and yard when the people are gone and hasn’t gotten into anything in the time she’s been here. She comes to the side gate to watch the people leave and comes out to great us (sometimes by barking) when we return. She uses the dog door at night if she needs to go out. Polly will bark at unfamiliar noises but will usually come in when told to stop.

This is a nice little beagle and deserves a loving “furever” home with someone who will cherish her.

January 26, 2013: Polly came to us a week before Christmas, 2012. She is a mature little 22lb tricolor beagle (the vet says 6-8 years old) who is very affectionate to people but can be skittish until she knows you. Polly will bark at anyone who comes to the door, but then wants to be rubbed under the chin. She does not like to be picked up and will vigorously fight anything she doesn’t want to do. Polly will come when called and sits for her food and treats. She sleeps on the bed up against me or in another dog bed without problem and is a couch potato. Polly is not as food driven as other beagles. If she isn’t hungry she will ignore the food. When she is eating she is very defensive of other dogs coming near her or the food.

Since she came here Polly has not had an accident in the house. She uses the dog door and will potty while on the leash. She likes to ride in the car and will run for her leash. She likes to explore every scent and bush while on the leash.

Polly will be best in a home without other dogs or children. Unexpected noises and random movements close to her can bring on nippy behavior. When tested with my 7 year old and 9 year old grandchildren, she was fine as long as they sat still and rubbed her. Once they became active she became very nervous.

Right now Polly shares the house with a 32lb resident senior beagle who is very laid back and with a young ~30lb adult beagle who is very active. She often doesn’t want them anywhere near her chair or bed and will snarl at them and lunge if she thinks they don’t get the message. When she wants to play Polly doesn’t hesitate to jump right in. Although the smallest, she is definitely the dominant dog in the household.

Polly will be a wonderful addition to a home with people who are willing to take the time to integrate her into their lives. She looks like a puppy compared to the other dogs but is fully grown.

Polly is such a sweet little girl.  She is quiet and just a great beagle. She also came from Caroline County Animal Shelter.

Sponsored by: Michele Vaughn in Honor of Clarence Beagle



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Age: 4-5 years

Gender: Male

11 AUGUST 2014: Schroeder is really flourishing in his foster home.  He gets along well with his foster sister, Rudy.  He is very patient and friendly with kids, and their noise and movement does not bother him.  I don’t imagine he’d do well with cats, based on his reaction to their appearance in the yard.  He has a tendency to be a couch potato, but gets excited about walks and would go on them as often as there is someone willing to take him.

He has some anxiety issues, which have been greatly helped by a routine and daily doggy Prozac.  He cannot be crated; his crate anxiety is severe, and he will destroy anything that is in the crate with him, and has damaged the crate itself.  Now that he is kept out of it and on Prozac, his is not destructive at all.  He cannot hold his bladder for a full 8 hours, but has been trained to use a potty patch, and does very well with this.  He has not peed anywhere else inside for months.  He is an affectionate dog, and loves attention from anyone and everyone.  He will do just about anything for food, and has learned a few basic tricks.  He loves walks, or just trotting around the yard, anywhere he can smell all the wonders the world has to offer.

I heard from previous caretakers that he is not good with other males.  He is fine with my brother’s German shepherd, but that has only been for play dates.  If he doesn’t want to play, he just gives him a bark and walks away.  Not sure about long term exposure to other males. Also, he was given back because ‘he barked’.  His barking was only a problem when he was crated.  Now that he is no longer crated, there have been no additional barking complaints.

Schroeder would do best, I believe, in a house with another dog or two, a fenced yard and perhaps a doggy door (but only if the fence is very secure – he is a VERY smart boy), and a family of any size that will keep him active and well loved.

14 OCTOBER 2013: Schroeder is such a great dog! He’s been with me and his foster sister Rudy for 2 weeks now. He is so sweet and so happy. I can tell he is loving being on a soft couch/bed and loves to cuddle 24/7. He follows me around the house, always with his tail wagging! We are working on getting on a potty schedule and some verbal commands, and he is doing quite well. It is obvious he is a very smart boy! He loves to go outside, either in the yard or for a walk around downtown. He can’t get enough of the smells. This is a boy that would do really well with a doggie door and a family to give him lots of love. He has plenty to go around!

SEPTEMBER 2013: Schroeder is a very friendly, robust boy who is good with most other dogs (he may not get along with alpha males, but he likes his beagle buddies at the kennel). He has not been very vocal at the kennel, and he loves food and doggy biscuits!!! We will know more about Schroeder once he is in a foster home.

Original info: Schroeder is a very friendly boy from Caroline County, MD. He is about 4-5 years. He was adopted but came back because he “barked”…???? Sigh. Very nice boy!

Sponsored by: Fred & Donna Ruggles In Honor Of: Michael J Motes


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I’m Available!

Age: 11 years

Gender: Female

20 NOVEMBER 2014: About a year ago, Mollie was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease which is a disease of the adrenal gland.  Although, there is no cure, Mollie has responded very well to daily medication.  At her last vet check up, the vet commented that Mollie was the healthiest Cushings patient, he had ever seen!  Yay!  Mollie is easy to live with, and when she wants something, she lets you know.  Her bark is famous in the neighborhood!  She loves being with her dog friends and pretty much ignores cats.  The children in the neighborhood like to greet her and she lets them pet her – until her nose catch some good smell and she is ready to go again.

28 MARCH 2014: Mollie is still searching for her forever home, but she is very comfortable in her foster home for now. The report that came with her new photo was that she seemed to be saying, “Forget the snow. I’m in my spot again!”

Update 2: Quick update from Mollie’s foster mom: Lubby dubby. Kissy, kissy.  Mollie has become a very affectionate dog over the past few weeks.  She has a lot of love and happy companionship to give.  You could be the object of her affection!

Update 1: She is wary of the vacuum, but was brave enough to go up and nip it!

Summer 2012: Mollie was well cared for by her previous owner.  Unfortunately,  she couldn’t keep her when she went into assisted living.  Mollie is very sweet and very good company.  She wants to be where I am and she is always ready to go for a walk.  She lets me know when she wants to go out for a walk or needs to go out back for a bathroom break by being vocal.   After our morning walk, she can tell when I am ready to leave for work.  She very politely goes to sit in her crate and waits for her treat.  She stays in a crate during the day for up to eight hours.  When I get home, she greets me with barking and howling to let me know it is time to take her for a walk!  She goes in the car very well and has stayed with me at my Mother’s house on the weekend sometimes.  She does have some anxiety if I have to leave her there to run an errand for my Mother and always greets me heartily when I return.  She lets me know when someone is close to the house.

Sponsored by: Jeff Barr in Honor of Bernice Beagle

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I’m Available!

Age: 3-4 years

Gender: Female

6 APRIL 2014: Leah is a friendly, active gal who on the lookout for a foster and/or forever home that can provide her with plenty of exercise. She loves people and other dogs. Leah was adopted by a wonderful family in February 2014, but unfortunately, she repeatedly escaped from their yard, and they made the difficult decision to return Leah to BREW to find her a home with a more suitable yard. Leah will require a yard with a privacy fence that she can neither climb nor dig under, and she also needs regular run and play time. Leah is currently back in her original foster home, but BREW is also keeping an eye out for a foster home with a more “Leah-proof” fence situation. If this smart, active gal may be a good fit for your family, please let BREW know!

29 JULY 2013: Leah continues to be a lovely, affectionate beagle. She is learning some more commands like “wait” and “don’t sit on Hoosier”. She loves to run and to cuddle and will jump up on any available lap any chance she gets. Whenever there are hugs or food available, Leah is right there. In fact sometimes she gets a little pushy and needs to be reminded there is plenty of love and treats for everyone. She exhibits no food aggression but will protect her food from a potential poacher.

Leah is completely housetrained and enjoys the outdoors under any conditions. She chases birds, her foster siblings and anything she thinks might play with her. Leah likes to dig and has tried to dig out of the yard. She’s also willing to climb anything she can in order to get to a good smell both inside the house and out in the yard.

This is one of the smartest beagles I’ve met. She knows if something she wants to do is on the prohibited list and will wait for a chance to do it while alone in a room. For that reason, Leah is crated when there are no humans at home. She doesn’t like to go in and we do the wheelbarrow – lift the front paws in, pick up the rear end and walk her into the crate. She will howl as though inconsolable for a few minutes then calms down. When we get home she waits patiently to be let out.

Leah is very cooperative and will potty on the leash. She loves riding in the car, only becoming impatient if not moving. Smart as she is, she doesn’t quite get waiting for traffic.  Told to quiet she will nap in her crate.

Children are a great source of cuddling and treats and play. She is very good with them. I’ll just repeat she should not be with toddlers unless closely supervised as she moves quickly and could play a little too rough for smaller children.

Other dogs don’t bother Leah at all. She will play with them or cuddle or ignore them. Right now she shares the house with the resident female senior beagle, another senior foster sister and a senior foster brother. She’s the youngest of the pack. Any disagreements among them are quickly dealt with and she goes on as though there had never been an issue.

Leah is a great dog who would love an active family that likes to walk and play. She does need to be crated while alone until you and she reach a time that you are comfortable giving her the run of the house unsupervised. This is where she ran into a problem with the previous adopter who wouldn’t crate her until she learned the rules.

If you want an adult, beautiful, smart wonderful beagle to share your life, Leah would love to meet you.

26 JANUARY 2013: Leah first came to us in early September, 2012. She was adopted in December but was returned in January, 2013. The adopter was unable to deal with the steps necessary to the retraining of an adult dog.

Leah is a young adult beagle. She is very active and agile and is interested in everything around her. She thinks it her duty to explore everywhere. Although ~30 lbs she still wants to be a lap dog and will happily cuddle.

Leah is very affectionate with people and other dogs. She loves to roll around on her back and her long legs flail around with abandon. She wants to play and will grab anything she can get and run away, hoping someone will follow her. Her two foster sisters are seniors and couch potatoes that either ignore her or send her away most of the time; she doesn’t give up but keeps going back to try for playtime

She has not yet been tested with children. Given she doesn’t seem to recognize her own strength, she should not be around smaller children without constant supervision. Leah will stay in the crate but doesn’t like it and has to be urged to go into it. Once there she is quiet as long as there is someone around; if I leave she tends to howl and bark.

Leah is food driven; she is learning to sit for her meals and treats and will follow me while I feed the other dogs, then follow back into the kitchen for her food. She is not above grabbing food from any source and is a typical beagle in that respect. Leah is very smart and if bored can get into trouble.

We have a dog door into a fenced back yard and Leah likes being able to go out at will. She was housetrained when she came here and had accidents only when I wasn’t paying attention to her signals. She will walk and do bathroom chores on the leash. She wants to check out everything around her and needs leash training. She likes riding in the car in her crate.

While we don’t know where Leah came from, she was immediately at home in the house; none of the normal household noises bother her. She is not afraid of thunder and is good when my resident senior beagle gets scared. Leah likes to sleep on the bed or cuddle up in the numerous dog beds where she can see the household.

Leah will make a great addition to a couple or family who are active and willing to spend time with her.

Leah is a 3-4yr old black/tan female that is fully vetted.  She is friendly and good with other dogs but was a stray in Madison Co. so her history is unknown.


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