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Published: July 5, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Gender: Female

Age: 4-5  years

Cat is a little sweetheart. She is a bit apprehensive when she first meets you. She will run up to you with her tail wagging but will then run away. But after a week she has gotten very comfortable in our home. Now she even cuddles when we are watching TV.

Cat gets along with her foster brothers and sister. And she loves running around the yard, checking things out. She loves to play and will run after toys if you throw them. Even though she is around 4 years old, she has a lot of puppy in her. I have to watch shoes and TV remotes. And the one day she carried her food bowl into the dining room, without spilling any food on the floor. Guess she preferred not to eat in the kitchen. She is a very comical little girl to have around.

Cat has not had an accident in the house and has kept her crate clean. I have let her have free roam of the house when I am home.

She is a wonderful little girl who would be a welcome addition to a loving family.

Cat is a 4-5 yrs old female, fully vetted, stray at Amelia shelter, a little on the shy side but very cute, good with other dogs.  She is pretty playful and wants to be friendly but needs a little more confidence.

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  1. Jo Brown

    Oh wow! Great to see Cat has a foster! From the Foster Caregiver’s report, she is doing great in a home setting. I have no doubt this sweetie will be a wonderful addition to a forever family.

  2. Deb Szymanik

    Hooray for Cat – she has a foster home! I love her new “profile” picture and her write up is wonderful. She has always pulled at my heart – just something about her.

  3. Jo Brown

    We met Cat at Alexandria Petco. She was sitting almost behind her foster, but she looked me in the eye. I asked her name and said, “Well, hello Cat!”. She lit up came forward, wagging, friendly and absolutely darling! She gave me and my husband very nice beagle greetings, let us pet her, tell her what a good girl she is and spent a wee bit of time wagging about before she returned to “her spot”. She really tugged at our hearts and stays in my mind. We hope this sweet, sweet dog finds a foster/forever family very soon. She will be a wonderful member of a family.

    • Deb Szymanik

      Oh I sure hope Cat is in foster now! That is the first step gettting her adopted into a loving home. These sweet, older beagles pull at my heart – they are often overlooked. Really, Cat is young and is a great age. Glad to read more about her. Thanks for posting about her wonderful personality.

      • Jo Brown

        Deb, I may be wrong and it might have been a handler for the event, but Cat is a wonderful, darling dog.

  4. Deb Szymanik

    This sweetie pulls at my heart. Cat might not be a young, cuddly beagle, but she has a lot to offer. When I look at her face, I see a survivor – a beagle who is accepting of her life – no matter where she is. In the picture of her laying on the ground, Cat looks like she is waiting for a good game of fetch or a nice long walk. Hope she finds a foster home soon so we can learn more about her.

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