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Published: November 12, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 3 JANUARY 2018: Cash is a strikingly handsome and friendly beagle. He likes to play with our other dogs and follows their example. Inside he is quiet and affectionate and likes his chew toys. We do have to keep a close watch on him because he is very curious about anything we leave within his reach. Outside he is at his most boisterous and playful.

Cash crates easily and keeps his crate clean. He also travels well and walks nicely on the leash. Overall Cash is a very adaptable dog and seems to be comfortable around people, other dogs, or by himself. And it doesn’t matter to him whether he is outside, inside, on the sofa, or in his crate. He wants to please his people, and seems more comfortable once he becomes accustomed to a routine. Cash has a sweet and agreeable disposition that will make him a great family pet!

UPDATE - 5 DECEMBER 2017:  (From his foster mom) Cash is very sweet and lovable. He’s a bit  of a rascal and my beagle girls can be impatient with him. He’s fairly energetic and I have to really watch him because he likes to get into places he doesn’t belong. But most of the time indoors he just lays around and chills with us. When we let him out in the yard he gets pretty wild and barks at everything.

I think he’d be great with kids, since he has a sweet playful disposition. He loves attention and he needs people who can give him exercise. One thing I can not tell is how he may be as an only dog. Cash is never alone here, and the few times he’s been alone in a room he cried out. Cash can be mischievous and people should be aware of that. He’s young and handsome so that’s in his favor!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Cash is a new arrival from Fredericksburg, Virginia, where he was found as a stray. He is around 4 years old, fully vetted, and ready to move to a foster or forever home. We know he is dog friendly and kid friendly, but that's all we know due to the limited time he was fostered in Fredericksburg. Cash is available for fostering or adoption.


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