Captain Farva

Age: 5 Years Gender: Male
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Published: December 26, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 21 MARCH 2017: Captain Farva (or Cappie as I call him) is a very nice boy.  He is housetrained and crate trained. Though, he does whimper in his crate when you first leave. He gets along with the cats and generally stays out of their way. He loves to follow you all around the house and be in whatever room you’re in. Cappie also likes to go on walks and hikes. He amuses himself by chewing on deer antlers, kongs and stuffed toys. He knows how to sit nicely for a treat too! Cappie is a cuddle bug who wants to be pet or to sit on your lap. He is a wonderful boy.

7 JANUARY 2017: Farva has been in my home for a few weeks now and is doing very well.  No accidents in the house except for marking a couple times when I first got him.  He doesn't like the crate and whines and shakes while he's in there to the point that I couldn't sleep at night.  I now leave him out.  So far he has done fine, sleeps in my room at night, hasn't destroyed anything although I suspect he jumps the partition and gets on my sofa while I am gone.  I usually crate him when I go to work but I have left him out, and he's done fine.  He's a typical beagle so he willingly goes in his crate and waits for his food at dinner time.

DECEMBER 2016: Captain Farva is a larger, 5-year-old, fully vetted beagle that is ready for a his forever home.  He was an owner give up because he wasn't housetrained.  He has had a week of intense obedience training and is now in my home.  He's only marked in my house once on the first day but is house- and crate-trained.  Farva has been crated for long hours and keeps it clean.  He does whine a little but will be quiet if you ignore him, and he doesn't keep you up have the night.  Farva is very friendly, gets along great with older children (takes food from a 6-year-old), and is good with cats and rodents.  However, if left in the back yard, he does bark at the horses (guess he's never seen those before!).

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  1. Where is Cappie located?

  2. Hi! Cappie looks like a wonderful boy! We are looking for a larger beagle mix that likes to go on walks. We do not have kids but we do have 3 indoor/outdoor cats. We don’t have other dogs at tue moment but would eventually like to get Cappie a buddy, hopefully a golden retriever, after Cappie has settled into our home. He would stay indoors but we have a big back yard. We live 4 miles from an awesome nature park w/trails perfect for dog walking. We had taken our prev dogs thete 3 times/wk. And sometimes a short ride up to NC to explore trails up there. We live in Greenville, SC but my husband comes up to Richmond once a month to see his customer (Dominion Power). Does Cappie like water? I saw the picture of him standing on a rock about it. Very interested if you have any addt’l info to provide. Thanks!

    • Laura w/ BREW

      We don’t know about Cappie’s interest in water. We would caution you that most beagles aren’t really fond of water like goldens are. They usually avoid it.

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