Captain Barbosa

Published: September 6, 2013



Age: 8 weeks

Gender: Male

My name is Captain Barbosa...because I have only one eye. It doesn't make me any less adorable though!

A hunter bought me and when he found out that it would cost money to fix my eye, he gave me to a shelter. MAJOR loss for him - great opportunity for you!

I'm rambunctious, fun-loving, and sooooo excited about finding a new home!

My eye will be fixed right away.

As of Sept 22--my eye socket is repaired and I've been neutered and finally that cone is off my head so I can play, play, play like a normal beagle puppy!

Love me, hug me, squeeze me!

Sponsored by: Sharon King & BREW Bob


11 Responses

  1. Gabby

    We would love to adopt Captain Barbosa! Is he still available?

  2. Vanessa Dyer

    I just submitted an application online and would love to adopt Captain! Hope to hear from someone soon!!

  3. Kelly Parsons

    Hi. Captain Barbosa is absolutely adorable. My family has been searching for a beagle pup to accompany our two soon to be one golden retriever. One of our Golden Retrievers is very old and fear is going to pass soon. Our other Golden has had a dog with him since he was a pup. So we have decided to bring in a beagle pup to accompany her. Thank you!

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Kelly, please submit an adoption application on our website. We can go from there. Thanks!

  4. Mercedes Sheffield

    Hi. Captain Barbosa is such a beautiful puppy. I would love to give him a forever home and I was wondering if he is still available. It says it is and I have inquired about him through email but have not received any information about him. Thank You

  5. hi! we had two beagles, brother and sister for 13 years and they passed about 3 years ago. ugh it has always been my intention to adopt another beagle (we love them) but didnt quite know when, from where and which one… i see so many rescues. i live in michigan and check petfinder daily! we would be willing to come and give this lil guy a forever home. when i showed the family it was like instant love 🙂 lol my children are 9 and 5 and are so ready to go for walks and give and get some extra love!!! please let me know if he is still available !!!

  6. Donna kiscaden

    Is the captain still available for adoption? We have two brew beagles, Checkers and Coke now Chance.

  7. Russ

    If hasn’t had a home yet please let me know. We have a forever home for him with a fenced yard and doggie door and two other beagles

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Russ, please go ahead and submit an adoption application on our website! We’d love to help you. We are getting a number of beagle puppies in a few weeks so even if Barbosa is not available, there may be another little one who needs a home. Thanks!

      • Jill

        Laura, we would love to adopt a beagle puppy. I just submitted an application. We had a beagle for 14 years, raised from 5 weeks old, who passed in 2009, so feel it is time to start over with another beagle puppy. 🙂 Am looking forward to the puppies coming soon.

        • Laura w/ BREW

          Jill, I have assigned your app to a BREW rep. You should hear from her shortly. Thanks!

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