Tribute – Candigirl

Published: May 5, 2018

In March of 2002 I came to an adoption event in Bel Air, MD.... I had been on your site looking for a female companion for male beagle Ollie, that I had adopted in November of 2001.  I kept coming back to a particular picture of a young female, she was 8 months old and she was considered a lemon beagle... I'm not sure why, she looked more like a Red/White to me.  She looked very timid in her picture, I drove 2.5 hours to meet her at a Petco....she was brought in and you could tell she was terrified, very shy in a huge crowd.  I walked her to the back of the store with her foster who told me how incredibly sweet she was, and that she just needed a little time to come out of her shell.  I sat on the floor while she was nervously pacing and trying to hide from the big bad store LOL.  She came over, curled up in my lap and finally relaxed and looked up into my eyes and that was the end of her search for a permanent home.  She was definitely a timid dog and it took many years before she eventually calmed down and now she loves people...she had a particular fear of men for some reason, but was very loving and loyal to the men in our home.  I don't remember the name she had when I got her, but we decided to name her Candi because she looked just like a Caramel Cream Candy... Her name proved to be a perfect fit as she has managed to find her way to any Candy in the house on multiple occasions.  She loves it, but we do our best to make sure she doesn't get into it, even though she is so smart she knows how to open the kids book bags and retrieve any snacks that may be in them.  She has been with me through the raising of my children, a divorce, and now my Grandchildren.  She lost her best friend Ollie in 2007 due to illness that he was unable to recover from.  I remember she would sit at the back gate and wait for him for weeks.  We had adopted a dachshund puppy that she eventually bonded with and now she has 3 doxie siblings and a few kitty siblings.  If she makes it, she will be 17 on July 3, 2018.  She has had a long adventurous life and a pretty happy one as well.  She is my very best friend in the whole world and I know my time is short with her.... she if starting to have some aging issues, she is mostly deaf...well unless you open a bag of chips...she can hear that from any room in the house LOL... she is going blind, but she still has a lot of love in her soulful eyes.  She has been an escape artist over the years, she loves to wander if she finds a way out of her backyard... we've always managed to find her fairly quickly.  Thank you for my Candigirl.... it has been my honor to be her Mama!  She will live forever in my heart!

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  1. Yesterday with the heaviest heart ever, I took my sweet girl so she could cross the rainbow bridge. She gave our family 17 years of unconditional love and devotion…. she was “that dog” for my lifetime. I will carry her in my heart until I’m gone and pray to one day see her again!

    • Janet

      Hi Sherri – We are so very sorry to hear about your Candigirl. Seventeen years is a long time. What a precious soul, and what a painful loss. If you could send us a picture of Candigirl we will post the tribute on both the web site and Facebook. You can submit the picture by going to We grieve with you!

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