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Published: November 20, 2013

I've Been Adopted!Calvin2

Age: 6-7 years

Gender: Male

UPDATE - 26 JANUARY 2014: The word that sums up Calvin is HAPPY! He is happy when he is outside - sniffing around and roaming the yard with our other two dogs. And he is happy when he is inside - interacting with people or laying around. He is just happy wherever he goes. This goofy beagle boy will make a perfectly fun family pet!  Because of this, we think he would be excellent around children or other pets. We haven't seen Calvin show any mean or aggressive behavior whatsoever. Even when our older dog angrily barks and orders him out of her favorite chair, Calvin just wags his tail and obeys her. Appearance-wise, he is really cute with his big paws and big ears. Also, he is crate-trained and has done great with his house-training.  Thus, in our opinion, Calvin is pretty much suitable and lovable for any age or environment!

Belated vacation update: Well, time has been flying and I'm having fun with these new (to me) dogs and people. I love to hunt those underground critters in the yard and I will run around barking at them - do they hear me? It is a lot of fun, but when I hear my name called - I come running back to the house. I have learned that laying on the bed or couch can be nice, but I can't really figure how to get up by myself. So, if you want me up, you will have to invite me and help me. Then I cuddle with you! I like doggy beds and I like my crate. I'm a pretty easy guy to please!

Update on my Christmas vacation: It has been a couple of days in my Christmas vacation place. I'm enjoying it - but I love best that my Secret Santa (Trudy - check out her description) has left all sorts of presents for me. My nose was assailed by the lovely scent of a chewie behind a pillow on the sofa. I nosed it out - and it was perfect. Just what I wanted!! Then, I found a stuffed cow that went "moo". And another chewie behind the bookcase. I wonder if there are more gifts for me. I love that Trudy - maybe I'll get to meet her at an adoption day sometime. Unless one of us is lucky enough to find our forever home first (every beagle's biggest wish).

Previously on my Christmas vacation!  My foster mom had a chance to get to some warm weather for the holidays, so I am visiting with some older foster people. When I first met them, I greeted them with my signature happy dance. They had no idea that I wasn't someone's beloved pet - I just am such a people puppy that I think everyone will love me. And - they ususally do! I went for a walk where I was a little too excited to show the best manners. But when I got into their car, I curled up in the doggie cuddle bed and took a snooze. Boy, do I love car trips!

I got to my new temporary digs and met the resident beagles. Boy is the oldest girl a grump! I didn't let that bother me, I just headed for a cuddle bed! Later I went out in the yard to do my business and have fun with the other beagles. I like dogs and especially ones with good manners (sorry, Katie).

I enjoyed my dinner and went for an evening stroll on-lead. I don't mind pottying on-lead at all! And this time, I was more settled. Spent the night in a crate - I find that a nice place for a snooze. These new folks get up way too early for me, so I slept in for a while. Then, I was ready for some people-time. I like to follow people around because you never know what they will do or where they will go. But, after a while - it was time to find another cuddle bed. Love my naps!

My temp foster mom says that the most beautiful beagles come from Nelson county - but that is just because she has some good looking beagles that came from there. She says I am very handsome - but I would like to be loved for my happy disposition and good manners! More to come!!!

I almost forgot to tell you. On the way home, we stopped at our local pet food store. Of course, I went in to supervise. I have to say, all the people there were just too flattering. They thought my perfect sit was "perfect" - and since I just love all people - they all wanted to pet me and fuss over me. Gee, isn't it wonderful to be in a place that smells like all sorts of wonderful food, lets me come in, and people are there to fuss over me. Heaven for a beagle!!

Calvin came to BREW after having been abandoned in Nelson County, VA.  He is one happy beagle!!! He's very sweet and friendly and gets along well with other dogs. Stay tuned for more info as we get to know Calvin better!

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18 Responses

  1. Maura

    Thanks Christine. Next weekend happens to be a crazy one for my family, but we will try to make the following event so that, hopefully, we will meet our beagle match!

  2. Maura

    Happy for Calvin, but so sad that we never even had the chance to meet him. I hate to break the news to my daughters….

    • Christine

      There is an adoption event next weekend Maura. If you can go, that will be a great opportunity to meet many available BREW beagles.

  3. Charles Arismendi

    Hi Maura –

    It looks like there are several people interested in adopting Calvin. Add my wife and I to the list. Is he still avail or is an adoption pending? We are interested in meeting Calvin if that is possible. Please let me know.


  4. Maura

    Thanks Erin, I realize that everyone at BREW is a volunteer and that it takes time to go through the process. I just wasn’t sure what time frame to expect. We will wait to hear from someone—hopefully soon!

    • ErinS

      Thanks for your understanding and patience, Maura!

  5. Maura Vanderzon

    We are also still very interested in meeting Calvin and submitted an application two weeks ago but have not yet been contacted by anyone from BREW. I sent a note asking when we might hear from someone but no response. We’re really hoping to hear from someone soon!

    • ErinS

      Hi, Maura – I am not directly involved with the application process, but I know we have had quite a few come in lately. One of our small team of application volunteers should be in touch with you soon, and we appreciate your patience and interest in adopting a BREW beagle!

  6. Christine

    Hi Sarah, Calvin is still available. We are in Frederick MD. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Calvin is doing great. Every day when I get home, he greets me with his happy dance!

    • Sarah DeBruin

      He sounds wonderful! we live in Lexington Park (St Mary’s County), MD so arranging to meet Calvin probably wouldn’t be too dificult. I think we are probably about 90 min. from you. We have already been approved as adopters except for the home inspection. I was told a volunteer will be contacting us soon. Can we set up a time to meet or do we need to wait for the home inspection?

  7. Sarah DeBruin

    Calvin sounds like a fantastic dog. my husband and I are looking to adopt again after losing our previous BREW beagle to cancer. I have submitted our application and would love to meet Calvin if he’s still available.

    • Christine

      Yes he is still available!

  8. Maura

    By the way, excellent commentary from Calvin’s perspective!

  9. Christine

    Hi Maura, I am fostering Calvin in Frederick MD. Let me me know if you have any questions about him.

    • Maura

      Thanks Christine (and Erin). I’ll go ahead and complete the application so that we can make arrangements to meet Calvin soon!

      • Christine

        I am so glad to hear that Maura. I hope you get to meet Calvin soon!

  10. Maura Vanderzon

    Hi, I’m wondering if it might be possible for me and my family to meet Calvin? Where is he currently residing? He looks as if he could be a perfect fit for our family!

    • ErinS

      Hi, Maura – Calvin is being fostered in the greater Washington, DC area, and approved applicants can make arrangements to meet specific dogs. We also hold periodic events in Northern VA, Eastern PA, and DE. For information on BREW’s application and adoption process, please see THIS PAGE. Thanks for your interest!

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