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Published: April 20, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

29 JULY 2017: Cadbury continues his winning ways in foster care. He would shine as an only dog as we have noticed he defers to the resident dogs to the point that we sometimes overlook him. We have yet to find anything that really bothers him, although the vacuum does not thrill him. Cadbury loves to cuddle but needs the prompts to do so. His theme song is "Should I stay or should I go?" as he does not like to leave and he does not like to return. Cadbury has a sweet little voice. Beneath his calm exterior lies the soul of an intrepid explorer. Cadbury relishes new experiences, just soaking in the new energy, tilting his nose to the wind and letting it blow back his ears.

16 JULY 2017: Lovers of physical comedy, such as the pratfall, will truly appreciate the genius of Cadbury. As he settled into the house yesterday, he tested all the beds by lowering his rump into each then sliding out until he hit the floor with a thump. He would end up lying beside each bed with an air of: well, this is nice! He finally found a bed that withstood his test. Cadbury climbed the stairs with no problem but was hesitant to descend. As with all new fosters who are wary of the stairs, I sat in front of him on the stoop below and fed him a treat. He would then toss the treat several steps down and climb down to retrieve it as if to inform me that he knew so well what I was doing that he could do it himself. He is a quiet, calm boy who gets along very well with other dogs, but he loves his food so we gate him from the others to avoid fights. Cadbury is working on the housetraining; he definitely has a clue! Please note in the pictures the white mark on his butt that contains a brown spot which is the definitive sign of a truly unique beagle!

First impressions: Cadbury is 2-year-old male beagle that is very friendly and playful.  He gets along well with other dogs but was a stray with the Pittsylvania SPCA so his history is unknown.  He will be available after April 27th.

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  1. Hello. Is Cadbury house-trained? And approximately how much does he weigh? Will he be at the Lorton event?

    • Erin

      Hi, Amanda – Cadbury is currently at a kennel awaiting his foster home, so we do not know about house-training. Dogs that will be at the Lorton event will have their profiles marked as such a few days before the event. Please consider starting the online application process if you would like to try to meet specific dogs before then. Thanks for your interest!

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