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Published: April 30, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Gender: Male

Age: 6 weeks

Cute Cute cute....and cute....need I say more?


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  1. Marti K

    Butterscotch made it home safetly to Chicago to his new forever family:)!! Thank you BREW and LInda L. !! 🙂 🙂

  2. Marti K

    I’ve been waiting to see “Adoption pending”! Yeah- we are coming to take you home Butterscotch in just 3 days!!:):)

  3. Pamela

    Lucille, Baby Ruth is still available. He is the sweetest thing with the best ears ever. I am really surprised that he hasn’t been snatched up yet. If you were interested in Butterscotch, Baby Ruth is another fantastic choice.

  4. Marti K

    I can’t wait to bring you home Butterscotch:) We are finalizing the adoption! I wish I can meet you and the pups before we bring you home, but we live too far away to come visit you! We’ll see you soon, I hope!

  5. Marti K


  6. Lucille

    I am interested in adopting Butterscotch or Lollipop. Are they still avaiable for adoption?

  7. Marti K

    I agree with Pamela! The new pictures of Butterscotch are SO ADORABLE!!! I really want to adopt him!! I am willing and ready to travel far to meet him:)

  8. Pamela

    The new pics are a much better representation of exactly how cute Butterscotch is!!!!! We met him and he is adorable! He is very playful and outgoing. He would be a very great addition to any family! What a wonderful love bug!

  9. Marti K

    Are you fostering Butterscotch? Do you think I will hear pretty soon about my application?


  10. Marti K

    Hi Missy,
    I submitted my application and application fee! I look forward to hearing from someone soon:)


  11. Marti K

    Thank you!!

  12. Marti K

    Ok! So that could be around Memorial Day weekend…..Missy, can you tell me what I would need to do in order to proceed with adoption? Thanks!

    • Missy

      Submit an application to begin the process.

  13. Marti K

    When would Butterscotch be available to adopt? I’m sure there has been a lot of interest in adopting these sweeties!


    • Missy

      The puppies will be ready for adoption in 2-3 weeks.

  14. Marti K

    So no chance for me to come out there to DC area to adopt one of them? 🙁

    • Missy

      If you are willing to travel you are welcome to adopt!

  15. Marti K

    Sorry for all of the questions…. are they fostered first before being adopted? Would he have to be picked up in the DC area or is there a half way point?

    • Missy

      The puppies would need to be met/adopted in the DC area. We limit transports for puppies as they should not be exposed to too many people and other dogs.

  16. Marti K

    Laura, does that mean they are unavailable? I live in the Chicago area. I’m hoping and praying…

    • Laura

      They are available through BREW, Inc. They will be fostered in the DC metro area

  17. Jessie

    cute, cute, cute, and also CUTE!
    Need I say more….

  18. Marti K

    Butterscotch and his siblings are SO ADORABLE and SWEET!! Will any of the lemon beagles be at Beagle Fest on May 21 in Park Ridge, IL? I wasn’t sure if they would be too young to be at the event. I would love to meet Butterscotch and his siblings! I would love to adopt him or one of his siblings! We have Bridget who we adopted from BREW two years ago, and she is doing awesome! We also have a sweet boy beagle named Cooper who we adopted. I think our two beagles would love a new addition to the family:) Thank you for all that you do for the beagles!

    • Laura

      Marti, the puppies are with BREW, not Mid-West.

  19. Julie Swope

    These puppies are adorable. I was almost glad when I realized that they weren’t mid-west beagles because I was ready to take every one of them, and I’m not sure that Emmy (previously, Ember) would think that was too funny. We are looking at possibly adopting Emmy a sibling, though. Dang, this site gets me in trouble.

  20. Emily Sulzbach

    is he the smallest of the litter?

  21. He is absolutely adorable like the rest of his siblings!!! 🙂

  22. Jessie

    Oh my goddness is he cute!

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