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Published: January 17, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 17 APRIL 2016: Buster's new photo is of him mellowing out at Beaglefest April 2016. He had a ball socializing with the other beagles and wanna-be's. Buster is making progress every day adapting to living in a house with humans and other dogs. He has plenty of energy but was totally sacked out after romping Sunday. We have learned he can be protective of his food with the other dogs. Loves kids!

9 APRIL 2016: Report from Buster's first day of being fostered: What a fun dog! He entered our house and just stopped stockstill, like "Whoa, man!" He has sniffed every little nook and cranny, peed and pooped both while on the leash outside. Buster loves going for walks and has a jaunty way of trotting along with his tail in the air. He has not barked but has whimpered, whined, and moaned to express himself. He gets along well with the other dogs, very respectful and not pushy. I don't think he has seen many cars before, every time one goes by, he just watches it as though to say "What was that?!"

3 APRIL 2016:  Buster is now fully vetted and ready for his foster or forever home!

First impressions: Buster is a 5-year-old beagle (or beagle/basset hound) and brother to Dave. He's little more submissive than Dave but he too has a sturdy build and is ALL NOSE!!!  Buster is a very handsome boy (even with a little slobber on his nose) that also did great with my niece coaxing him with treats for pictures.  He's good with other dogs but still needs vetting and will be available soon.

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