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Published: December 30, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 2.5

Gender: Male

UPDATE: Since Bunsen has spent his entire life in a crate, he did not have a clue about all the things most beagles take for granted...the most important one being TREATS. What? A beagle that is not food motivated? Inconceivable...he a quick learner:-) In the short period of time he has been with us, he has learned that meeting new people is good, playing with kids is better, and playing with other dogs is best. He is generally quiet but does bark occasionally - mostly when he is playing. He does not bark at any of the things you would normally associate with beagles. He just doesn't have a clue that he should be barking. He is now accustomed to wearing a collar and walks nicely on leash. Bunsen sleeps in our room at night but in his crate. He tends to whimper a bit but reassuring him that you are there settles him right down.

He has accepted just about everything in stride. The front door no longer boggles his mind and stairs are no longer a mystery. He has become familiar with rain and snow and has decided that he does not like them. While he doesn't like being out in the elements, he has decided that there is nothing better that taking a nice, long, warm sun bath.

We are working on housetraining. He is about 75% trained. In general, it takes some coaxing to get him to go so we always take him out on leash. Since we learned his potty dance, we are really making progress.

Bunsen really is a character with tons personality. Everyday he makes us giggle. He is very smart and learned some simple commands (sit, come) the first day he was with us. While he is 2.5 years old, he still has a major puppy streak. Shoes, wires, and toys better beware!

This is Bunsen. He has just retired from his role as a test subject in biomedical research. He's little and cute and quite overwhelmed with his surroundings.

He just discovered grass and sky and wind and sun yesterday and he's learning the ropes.

Sponsored by: Chris Atkinson in Honor of Woody Beagle

Larry and Leslie Irving in Honor of Angel Beagle


3 Responses

  1. Heather Ewing

    How do I adopt this sweet dog? Our family is very interested!

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Heather, Bunsen was adopted over the weekend. You may want to check out Beaker, Bunsen’s brother. He’s also quite the sweetie!

  2. Deb Szymanik

    If we had a spot for this little guy, I would adopt him in a heartbeat. He is just adorable! Something about him pulls at my heart. Happy to see he is in a foster home.

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