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Published: April 23, 2013

BUGS_0386I've Been Adopted!

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

NEW!!  Bugs has been in his foster home for about a month now.  What a wonderful beagle boy!

This handsome pup is estimated to be 4 or 5 years old, but his foster family thinks he may be younger.  He is playful and curious about all of life.  Bugs is a tall, lean, beagle boy with a handsome face.  Check out those gorgeous, golden eyes! Bugs weighs 31 lbs.  In the short time in his foster home, he has learned so much.  He has not had an accident in the house at all, so, yes, he is housetrained.  Bugs is crated when the people are not home.  He keeps his crate clean and dry.

Bugs is a playful guy.  He loves other dogs and all people.  When he visited another BREW family, he had a great time wrestling and playing chase with their beagle boy.  At his foster home, he plays with the resident beagle boy.  He is a gentle playmate, too... even to his foster brother who weighs 10 pounds less than he does!

He is quick to learn new things when he can follow another dog's lead.  Although his foster home does not have a doggie door, he learned how to use one while visiting another family.  When introduced to cats, Bugs was interested and barked at them, but did not chase or act aggressively towards them.  His foster family thinks he would be okay in a home with cats if introductions were made gradually and carefully.  Bugs would love to have a dog playmate.  If he is the only dog, it would be best if he could play with other familiar dogs regularly.  Playtimes with extended family members' dogs or a scheduled doggie playgroup would be good for him.

Bugs is a food hound and still needs to learn some manners when people food is around.  He will counter-surf and he is a tall boy... so folks need to be watchful!

Oh, and Bugs will dash out the door, and has no sense of the danger of cars in the streets.  He loves having a fenced yard to play in.  Bugs, like most beagles, is not a natural leash walker.  His nose determines the route! Having said that, he does not pull on the leash, but he wanders.  He will potty on lead.

Bugs is happiest when he is with the people in his home.  He craves closeness!  He will stand on his back legs, climb up somebody, and press his head against them.  His foster home is working with him to stop this.  He is not "jumping up,” but, because of his size, could probably knock a young child down.

Bugs is quite submissive to other people and dogs.  His forever family will understand that he is sensitive and can easily become overwhelmed.  He does best when the daily schedule is consistent and he can anticipate what is next.  When Bugs is overwhelmed, he may cower and flop on his back.  He may start yelping... and his silly yelp reminds his foster family of a donkey braying! He may even seem to be anxious and start pacing around the house.  His new family should expect some or all of these behaviors for the first few days until Bugs learns the new routine.


Bugs (aka Velcro) is a 5yr neutered male, fully vetted.  He is very people friendly, loves attention and gets along well with other dogs.  He was a stray in Louisa Co. so his history is unknown.

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  1. Melissa Ryan

    I hope someone contacts me soon. I’m really interested in adding Bugs to our family.

  2. Lynette Aster

    Any idea as to if Bugs is OK with cats?

  3. I see bugs is a very good dog. Im getting a German shep puppy. Where do i get the form?

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