Age: 5 weeks Gender: Female
FemaleHigh Energypuppy
Published: January 29, 2016

COURTESY POST - Adoption Pending!


Bubbles is a beagle mix puppy who is available for adoption from a BREW volunteer. BREW will not be involved in the process. Please contact Teresa at beaglesnbullies@embarqmail.com if you are interested.

Bubbles is about 5 weeks old and will be available to move to a forever home around 8 weeks of age. She is a little female whose mom is a beagle but daddy is unknown. Foster mom thinks her her nose is beginning to resemble a dachshund, but really doesn't know what the mix is. Bubbles is a sweetie!!  Foster mom says, "I pick her up and hold her, she stretches and reaches for my face with her little paws so that she can lick me.  Her little tail wags the entire time she eats her puppy food.  But thank goodness it's only one to keep up with!!!"

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