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Published: June 8, 2011



Gender: Male

Age: 13-14 years

NEW for July 4!  Brutus is very good with his house training.  No accidents in the house and he urinates basically as soon as he's out the back door.  He likes to run and seems much younger than his calendar age.  He rides well in the car without a crate.  He also rode well when crated, but that's to be expected.  He eats his special easy on the system dog food like a true beagle  He does sleep quite a bit, but we will too when we get to be his age.

Brutus is coming back to BREW though no fault of his own, sadly, his owner passed away. Brutus has been well taken care of and loved since he was adopted 6 years ago. His owners took care of a knee surgery for him and he has totally recovered from that. He does eat a special "easy on the stomach" canned food.

This is a totally sweet and loving boy!

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