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Published: October 28, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 29 NOVEMBER 2016: Brownie's new foster mom says he's a wonderful dog: cat- and dog-friendly and almost completely house-trained!

First impressions: Brownie is an 18-month-old, 13-pound beagle boy.  He's friendly, social, quiet, and fair low key.  He was an owner give-up, but no history was given. Brownie will be available for adoption soon!

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  1. I’m looking for a beagle that would be a good running companion, does Brownie like to run?

    • LindaC

      Emily, Brownie was adopted this week. However, his short little legs would not make a good running companion. Beagles like to stop and sniff ALL the smells encountered on a walk. They do not make good running companions.

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