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Published: May 25, 2015

I've Been Adopted!

Brody pupdate - 26 SEPTEMBER 2015: Brody is fun-loving, energetic, and a lovey-dovey dog! He loves to be around people and wants to play with kids when we see them at the dog park or on our walks. He has a lot of fun playing with our dog Daisy, lots of running, chasing, and some wrestling! He is house trained, mostly. Sometimes he has to be reminded to go out, just like a child who is too busy playing to take care of business! He loves going to the dog park. And because he is a medium size, he does well on both the big-dog or small-dog side (depending on just how big the other dogs are!) He tries to keep up with the big dogs, but his stiff leg does slow him down some. He's fun to watch!

He is crate trained, mostly for nighttime since at least one of us is usually home during the day.

He would do well with an active home-life family, and be a great addition to their family!

28 AUGUST 2015: Brody is settling into his foster home and doing quite well with foster sisters (BREW alumnae), Daisy and Dottie. This AM, he and Dottie (older girl) actually had a play barking match out in the back yard. He was wanting to play and was barking at her to play, and she was grouch barking back, telling him the rules.

Brody understands the doggie door, and as long as we put him outside at night before going into the crate, he keeps his crate clean.  He’s not afraid of the crate, and we put him there at night to keep his interest with the hedgehog (Edgar) at bay. He’s gotten a little too interested with Edgar at night during his nocturnal activities, whereas Dottie and Daisy just ignore him.

Brody’s foot (on which he required surgery) seems to be healing nicely, but since it can no longer flex back, walking on sidewalks causes the middle toenails to excessively wear down. It seems he drags the foot along the concrete while walking, but when running he tends to lift the foot up and run on three. Playing in the yard doesn’t seem to affect the toenails, but rough concrete certainly does.  He promptly pulls off bandages, but we may try a doggie boot next (if it works, a set of four will last a long time!).

Brody definitely still a lot of puppy in him and is doing his best to get it back after extended crate rest post-surgery. He is interested in rawhides and plastic water bottles, but if you leave something out that looks and smells tasty, he will grab it and chew it up.  With his height, he’s a definite counter surfer.

Brody has a lot of fun playing at our local dog park. He does well in both the small and big dog areas being he’s at that just too big for the small, but not big enough for the big area. He has shown no aggressiveness towards other dogs and thinks all just want to play. Same with people - if you show him attention he sucks it up and asks for more! He loves to be picked up and snuggled with at any time and likes to hop in laps when his foster family gets on the couch or a chair.

9 AUGUST 2015: Brody had surgery on a left front ankle and, after doing 8 weeks of recuperation, is now fully healed and off restriction. He will go to a foster home this week so we will learn more about him.

Original info: Brody is a 10-month-old, male puppy who was surrendered in Spotsylvania County, Virginia because he barked.  He’s a little taller than your average beagle and weighs 26 pounds.  He was a little vocal on the trip from the shelter to our vet, but he settled down after a few minutes. He is super friendly with dogs and people, but he does like to jump up on your leg for pets.  He urinated on the lead at both ends of his trip.  He’s scheduled for neutering and will be looking for a foster home soon.

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  1. Where is Brody being fostered/sheltered now. We’re in Lynchburg and like his looks and stance.

    • Erin

      Hi, Tom – Brody is currently in boarding in northern Virginia while we wait for a foster home to open up. We will know more about him once he is fostered. Thank you for your interest!

    • Brody is currently being fostered I the Woodbridge area of Va. He’s adapted very well in our home and he seems to have figured out how to walk such that he doesn’t drag his one leg, thus causing excessive nail injury. He love to jog and run with distractions rarely bothering him, thus he makes a good jogging partner.

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