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Published: March 4, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 27 APRIL 2016: Brie has moved to a foster home. Stay tuned for an update after she gets settled!

27 JULY 2016: Brie is now about a year old and fully vetted. This super-sweet girl is ready for her foster or forever home!

Brie is a 10-month old beautiful female beagle mix. She's friendly, playful, and good with other dogs.  She was dropped off, frightened and emaciated and no history is known.  She's not much taller than your average beagle and has had a lot of fun with the other beagles. Brie will be available for adoption once her vetting has been completed.

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  1. Questions:

    1. Brie’s weight or estimate of her full grown weight?
    2. Does she play/wrestle with other dogs.

    Looking for playmate for my (play for 20 min and sleep all day) alpha male 25 lb BREW beagle (who isn’t a dog park dog).


    • LindaC

      Scott, Since Brie is only 10 mos old she probably not get any bigger than what she is right now. She is an average size beagle probably standing at 15″ and about 20 lbs. She does enjoy wrestling with the other dogs. Being that she is relatively young she probably would not sleep all day.

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