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2001BREWWV Beagles
Published: February 25, 2012

I was cruising around and found the pages associated with, to that date, the largest effort BREW had undertaken: pulling 16 beagles living in hideous conditions on a WV property with an impending ice storm approaching. We had a number of cars make the long drive up there, brave bad weather, VERY unsocialized beagles, and despite it all, there was a happy ending for each of these dogs!

Here's a screenshot of one of the pages (click the pic to enlarge):

My family, then just me, Russ, and our young son, Harrison, fostered one of the oldest beagles from this bunch: Susie. She was quite ill with cancer and had only a few months to live. So she spent it with us - enjoying a life of good food, no chains around her neck, and a warm dog bed in a sunny spot.

All 16 beagles were eventually adopted out to families in OH, PA, MD, VA and elsewhere.

If you want to read the story of the beagles, go here. (Give it a minute to load...most links and photos (can be enlarged) are working)

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  1. Michael Pace

    Laura, I just wanted to let everyone know how much Duncan meant to our family. For a dog who had never lived inside of a home or was housebroken at an early age, Duncan was a perfect dog. He had a wonderful life filled with adventurous camping trips, long walks, exploring his big back yard and of course our love. Imagine seeing Duncan seated in the front passenger seat of our motor-home as we traveled the country. People would just laugh when they saw him riding in style. You can truly say he went from rags to riches!! lol Duncan was a perfect gentleman too. He would sit patiently waiting for his food, for treats and even to be invited up on the couch or bed. He loved children and other dogs alike. Duncan has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, but he’s always in our thoughts.

    • ErinS

      Hi, Michael – thanks for sharing your memories of Duncan. I bet it was quite a sight to see him in the RV passenger seat! We are so so sorry to hear of his passing but are so happy that he found such a great home!

  2. Carol from Maryland

    We adopted Susie’s Lemon beagle ‘Daughter’….her name was Daisy. Our precious little lady was a true joy to have in our family. She Always wagged her tail and the muscles around her tail were so muscular that her Vet said that she had never seen such a friendly and loving dog. EVERYONE at the Animal Hospital that she was a patient at, they all loved her so much. The young ladies behind the counters would stop everything they were doing just to come around and pet and love on Daisy. She LOVED to be patted and hugged. The hugs were so special to her, she would put her head on everyone’s shoulder and just snuggle in. We adopted Daisy in 2001, our Vet said that she was about 6-7 years old. She had about 7 full years with us and she was such a loving family member… But, sadly she went to Rainbow Bridge in February, 2008. Daisy lived for 14 years and I can say that at least the last 7 years of her life was so very happy and loving. she truly was so content and just loved her home with us.
    She was the sweetest, most loving and happy beagle to have. She truly appreciated her new living conditions with us, she was always a house dog once she became a member of our family. I still think of her every day, along with all of my other pets that have gone on the Rainbows Bridge. I have had dogs ALL my life, and a couple lovely cats too, but our beagles have always been the most loving and loyal family members. God Bless you my special little princess Daisy. Thank you Laura for offering a remembrance page for all the WV Beagles. They were truly loving and happy pets once they were all adopted out to their ‘forever homes’……. Thanks again Laura for taking care of all of these lovely beagles that need new homes. You are truly a gem!!

  3. Carol Kurtz-Stack

    We adopted Bart from BREW in early 2001. You can see him in two of the WV pictures. He was a great dog who grew to become a very wise and comforting creature. He had a wonderful howl that he used to greet me every night when I came home from work. He was also very agile and would jump up on a windowsill in late afternoons so that he could watch people coming down the street. Bart had a calm personality that comforted everyone. We were so lucky to have had him in our lives and we are grateful that BREW saved him from those sad conditions. His sudden passing in 2009 is something we still haven’t gotten over. I think about him a lot, and seeing this web page brings back many happy memories. Thanks for remembering him!

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