BREW Adoption Process


Steps to take

  1. Make sure that you are ready to adopt a beagle from BREW. Please read BREW's Standards for Adoption.
  2. Next, look on the list of Available Beagles to see if there is a dog you are interested in adopting.
  3. If so, fill out the adoption application, and submit it back to BREW either by email, fax or mail.
  4. If there is not a dog that fits your needs, don't despair! Email BREW with a list of your requirements then fill out and fax the adoption application to us so we can get started on your adoption! Please keep in mind that many beagles we get are not completely housetrained. While housetraining an adult dog is easier than housetraining a puppy, there is still work involved. Crate-training is the method of choice for house-training your beagle.
  5. Upon receipt of your application, someone from BREW will call you for an interview. At that point, we will put you in touch with the foster family that has the dog you're interested in.
  6. When you've met the dog you like and have decided to adopt him/her, we'll schedule a homecheck. If the homecheck is fine, you finish the paperwork and schedule to pick up your new beagle.

Please make sure you have read/completed the following sections if you are interested in adopting from BREW!