Age: 3.5 weeks as of 18 February 2015 Gender: Female
FemaleHigh Energypuppy
Published: February 18, 2015

I've Been Adopted!

Breve is one of Latte's three puppies. She and her sister, Cappuccino, and brother, Espresso, were born on January 26th, and they will stay with mom until they are weaned.

If you are interested in any of the "Coffee puppies," please submit an adoption application.

Please note that we get A LOT of applications for puppies, so your application MUST be accompanied by the $15 application fee. We strongly recommend that you submit that fee via Paypal to avoid delays!

6 Responses

  1. I know it says adoption pending but did anyone end up adopting Breve? If not I would like to fill and pay an application fee. I meet all of the requirements on the application standards.

    • Erin

      Hi, Chelsea – Breve is still with her mom because she is not yet weaned and still needs to be spayed. After those are done, she has an approved applicant who will adopt her. We do have other puppies. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Is breve still available ?

    • Erin

      Hi, Rhonda – yes, Breve is still available. We are processing applications on puppies right now, so it is good to be a bit flexible if you have your heart set on a puppy (we have a handfull of 6-9 month olds, too!). Any dog who has an approved adopter will be marked “Adoption Pending.” Thanks for your interest!

      • Thanks so much!! Are the 6-9 month old puppies listed on the available page too?

        • Erin

          Hi, Rhonda – yes, any dog under 1 year of age is marked as a puppy with an icon that is a dog face with a “P” on it. You will need to click to the other pages to see the other available puppies, or you can click on the puppy icon to see all puppies (note that some will have been adopted the further you go in the list).

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