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Published: June 29, 2012

I've been adopted!

Age: Born 5/31 - so 6 wks old on 7/14

Gender: Male

Seriously - does a puppy get any cuter than that photo? I think not.

Bosco is the sole survivor of a litter of puppies born on May 31st. He's been bottle-fed since he was 2 days old.

He weighs 2.5lbs now and is already crate-trained!

While the photo is irresistably adorable - keep in mind that Bosco is still a beagle puppy and will confound you every way he can! So be ready for a little whirling dervish for the next year if you adopt him. Just sayin'.


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  1. Hello. We filled out an application to adopt Boscoe under my daughter’s name, Brooke Cavins. We were wondering if we would be able to come and meet Boscoe. Please let us know. We are just in love with his photos! We would love to see if our beagle Poochie would be a great mother for this young puppy. We take her to dog parks frequently and she gets along with other dogs, but we would like her to meet Boscoe too.

    Thank you,


    • Laura w/ BREW

      Jennifer, I emailed with Brooke earlier in the week and I have assigned her application to a BREW representative who will be contacting you. Please note that there is a LOT of interest in Bosco. Another beagle pup will be posted later today.

  2. Candy

    I filled out an adoption form last week, can anyone tell me how Boscoe’s adoption is going, and when will I hear from you? Thanks, Candy

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Candy, I emailed you a few days ago and then resent the email again just now. Please look for it.

  3. Leslie Bacigalupi

    Surely Boscoe has been adopted by now….????

  4. Rochelle

    Adorable! How does Bosco get along with other dogs? We have a 2 year old male and were thinking of getting him a friend! Where is he located? Thanks.

  5. Holly Schalow

    I am interested in Bosco. Could we arrange to meet him this weekend?

    • Laura w/ BREW


      I just emailed you privately. Thanks!

  6. Bob Mudd

    I am currently a volunteer with BREW Midwest and have two rescued Beagles of my own (or they own me). My wife and I are retired and are very interested in adopting Bosco. Shall I fill out a volunteer app?

    Thank you.

    • Laura w/ BREW


      Unfortunately, Bosco is part of BREW Mid-Atlantic, not Mid-West. So, while you’re welcome to adopt Bosco, you would need to be willing to come to the area to meet/pick him up. You can feel free to email me privately at if you’d like.


  7. Rick Zurawski

    Just submitted an application to adopt a Beagle for our family. Bosco looks really cute! Please take a look and give us a call!

  8. Stacy

    Hello, I was just wondering if there is any way I could come see the puppy? I would love to adopt this little guy! Thanks

  9. Imelda

    Are you still accepting appllications for Bosco? Thanks.

    • Missy

      Yes, we are.

  10. Marty Astrup

    I would like to submit an application for Bosch if he is still available. Thanks

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Marty, to begin the process, please fill out the adoption application on our website and submit it along with the $15 app fee. Thanks.

  11. Poor precious little darling. Love and prayers that you geta wonderful forever home soon.

  12. April

    Would love more info on Bosco!

    • Laura w/ BREW

      April, there is no more information to give right now. What info were you looking for specifically?

      • April

        On adopting him, haven’t got a email or call yet about adopting, if teddy and mickey are already taken, we would live to adopt him

        • Calissa Gordon

          Teddy is still avaliable. I am his foster sister and he s a great puppy!

  13. My housband and i are looking fir a beagle to keep our beagle company, we love our beagle very much and would love to have anothr one to pamper and spoil. Please let me know more detals.

  14. Katie

    OMG is right look at those cute pink puppy paws. My Kalre and Bud wouldnt know what to do with him….Hope he finds his forever home as soon as he is big enough!

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