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Published: June 7, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Gender: male

Age: 8 years

NEW: Update from June 23, 2011
Bob has been with us for almost 2 weeks now and he has been such a good boy. Bob is a mellow beagle..and well behaved. He seems to be house trained because we have had no accidents in the house. He has been left alone in the house non-crated for 5+ hours and he doesn't touch a thing. He doesn't chew on furniture or get into trouble. He is a DREAM when getting a bath. He just stands there and lets you wash him. Bob doesn't run around or play with toys much...he prefers short walks and  cuddling on the couch. He is a larger beagle at approx. 40lbs, but I don't think he is overweight. And his ears are so long and beautiful! Sometimes at certain angles Bob looks like he has a little bit of Basset Hound in him.
Bob sleeps through the night in his dog bed right beside our bed. Bob gets along with other dogs just fine but seems to prefer people friends rather than dog friends. Bob has not barked yet, so I can't tell you if it's a bark, a howl, or a bay. Even when he sees rabbits in the barking. He trots over to check out the smells...but he doesn't seem to have the beagle crazy mode that my beagle has. Bob sometimes reminds me of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. He appreciates every time you notice him. You can also get lost in those soulful eyes of his..

Bob is interested in food like most beagles are. However, Bob does not beg for food or whine for food...he merely "hunts" for food. He doesn't bother you while you are eating at the table. Instead, Bob will peer up on the kitchen counters to see if you've left anything behind...or check the floors to see if you dropped anything. We are working on teaching him that front paws on the kitchen counters is a "no-no"...he's getting there.  We find a short walk after a meal, a trip outside to the backyard, or a petting session on the couch gets his mind off "hunting" for food.

Walks are quite enjoyable for Bob, however he gets very tired after about a mile and takes a break by stopping and refusing to move. After about a minute...he will continue walking again. I'm not sure what kind of exercise he was getting with his previous owner, so his energy level on walks may improve with each day. For now..we are taking short walks with him.

Bob has been such a joy to have in our home...he provides a lot of laughs with the funny things he does as well. For example..when he tries to shake..he doesn't quite get a full shake it's like a half shake. It's like he starts to shake and then stops mid-way. It's hard to explain..but you will giggle when you see it. Bob also has a great funny face when lays on his back. You have to see this in person...I am not doing the descriptions justice! Come meet Bob and you will not be able to leave without him..

Bob came to BREW originally from West Virginia - he was given up by a hunter because "Bob won't hunt and I'm tired of feeding him".  Bob is a good looking and sturdily built boy. He is on the submissive side. He has lived with children (tweens) and cats.  Bob enjoys the children and is a little intimidated by the cats.

Bob was adopted and then ended up at the shelter when his owner needed to give him up. Bob's poor toenails were infected, but he has been treated and is doing well! His owner told the shelter that Bob is pretty housebroken (has had an accident a couple of times a year) and was normally left gated in the kitchen. He has been crated, but whines in the crate. He is afraid of thunder and loud noises. He loves to cuddle with the wife and kids. He is not a noisy boy.

Bob rode well in the car on the way from the shelter to the vet and it was a long ride. He was quiet and then walked well on lead. Bob walks pretty nicely on lead, though, like many beagles, if he gets a good smell he will stop and not move till he has enjoyed the lovely fragrance!  Bob's owner mentioned that Bob's worst behavior was that he is a food motivated dog (I think that means he is ALL beagle!).

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  1. Marla

    send me Bob

  2. Zoe

    hello! where is bob located?

    • Laura

      Bob is in the DC metro area. If you’d like to adopt him, please submit an adoption application found on our website.

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