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Published: April 4, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 1.5 years old

Gender: Male

6/10:  Blueberry is a really sweet and easy going dog.  Immediately upon arriving at his foster home yesterday he was giving us little kisses.  He easily blended with the rest of the pack and in no time was playing chase.  Blueberry is not at all shy and loves getting pets.  He has been a bit uncertain about some house things – live the TV and stairs.  But he also seems to quickly get comfortable with new experiences – he even figured the doggy door out by himself.  He doesn’t inhale his food and gently takes treats.  Blueberry didn’t get upset when a couple of his foster sibling took part of his cookie (he broke the cookies up into pieces).

Blueberry has a nice energy level.  He is great at playing and running around the yard, but also settles down easily.  But with all this playing we’ve only heard him bark once!

He spent his first night in a kennel and did not fuss at all.  Blueberry also seems to understand that he should do his business outside.  There have been no accidents or marking.

He is smaller than a basset hound size weighing in at about 45 pounds.  He doesn’t have the heavy boned limbs of a basset or the long ears, but the basset in him is clear.  The result is very cute.  I’ve included a picture of him next to my basset for comparison (my basset isn’t big – he is about 55 pounds).  And as can be seen in his pictures, his coloring in beautiful.

Blueberry is a 1.5 yrs old (approx) neutered beagle/basset boy.  He's super friendly and playful with other dogs.  He was an owner give-up at the Louisa Co. Animal Shelter but little information was given with him.


Sponsored by: Deb Szymanik - In Honor of Benny Beagle

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  1. Phyllis

    Thanks, Deb. The adoption of Grayson and Clayton made room for Blue. He is a fabulous boy! He did great at adoption day yesterday and was very popular. Blue loved visiting with the kids and the feeling seemed to be mutual. I’m sure he will have his forever family soon. I guess it is time to start shopping for the next boy!

  2. Deb Szymanik

    I am overjoyed to see Blueberry is finally in foster – and what a wonderful write up about him. Thank you to the kind person who took this sweet boy into their home. He is now on his way to a forever home.

  3. Jo Brown

    It is wonderful news that Blueberry is in a foster home!! This is a guy (like so many others, for sure) who “needs his own people” and will do famously as part of a family. I really hope he has the opportunity to join a family soon. Such a fine fellow!

  4. Gudrun

    I’m new to the site! My husband and I are looking for a beagle to bring into our family. No kids yet, but we’re excited to get a puppy! Is blueberry available for adoption? Will he be at the June 16th Alexandrai adoption event at Petco? We’d love to meet him! He looks so sweet and elegant. A great dog, I’m sure!

    • Michael Snyder

      Yes, Blueberry will be at BREW Adoption Day on the 16th.

  5. Amy

    Does Blueberry still need a foster?

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Yes, Blueberry does need a foster.

  6. Deb Szymanik

    Paws crossed Blueberry finds a foster home soon so we can find out more about him. He is so adorable.

  7. Emery

    We currently have 2 beagles (3yr boy/6yr girl) and a 14 yr Cocker. Does he get along well with other dogs? (yes we have cats two, but they are used to puppies and mature dogs).

    • Laura w/ BREW


      Yes, Blueberry is good with other dogs!

  8. Jo Brown

    We met Blueberry at the Alexandria Petco. He is an especially nice dog. I’m sure he’s playful, but he was very calm and had a kind of “dignified way” about him. If we were in a position to adopt, he would definately be a fellow we would consider bringing to our house! From his description, it is unclear if he is 1yr, 8 months or … puppy or adult, but he seemed to be a well behaved adult when we met him. The comments go back to May of 2011 – I am just stunned that Blueberry has stayed in BREW for a year. He would be a very nice addtion to someone’s family. I pray he finds a forever home soon.

    • Deb Szymanik

      Jo – thanks so much for more information about Blueberry. He has been one of my favorites since he came to BREW almost a year ago. I am praying that he gets into a foster home so people will know more about him. He looks like a stoic little guy who is accepting of whatever life is offering. He is a young beagle boy so he probably will be more puppy-like once he is in a home.

  9. Jo Brown

    Love Blueberry’s unique markings! What a great name-choice. Deb, I’m with you and keeping paws crossed that a foster/forever home is available soon for this special guy.

    • Deb Szymanik

      If I had a vacancy here, I would grab him up. He is totally adorable. I just love the beagle/basset mixes.

  10. Deb Szymanik

    Blueberry is one great looking beagle/basset boy. I just love his coloring and his beautiful long ears. I can’t believe this fellow is still waiting for a family to call his own. He is so different that I know he will attract attention wherever he goes. Paws crossed that he gets into a foster home soon so folks will know more about him. Beagle/basset combinations are so adorable.

  11. wendy esposito

    I have3 female dogs. One is a beagle, one a dachshound and one a beagle mix. Do you think he would be a good fit? Thanks, Wendy

    • Laura

      I think he would be, yes.

  12. Yvonne

    I am very interested in adopting blueberry . I just lost a 16 year old beagle mix and his sidekick is very lonely . does he get along well with other male dogs ?

  13. Teresa

    Blueberry is a very playful boy!!! Very animated and comicial, he would keep you entertained!

  14. Robin Gattshall

    Does Blueberry get along with Cats?

    • Laura

      We don’t know, Robin. She’s currently not in an environment where she’s exposed to cats.

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