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Published: December 8, 2013

I've Been Adopted!Blue 2

Age: 6 months

Gender: Female

NEW!!   12/23:  Blue is a very cute, wiggly, kissy girl.  I can’t remember when I last received so many kisses.  And it isn’t just the people she bestows her kisses upon, but the dogs and cats get their fair share.  The cats aren’t too sure about being on the receiving end of the kisses and Blue usually earns a bop on the head for her efforts.  But the braver of the cats is starting to play with her and she seems happy about that.  She also loves to cuddle, whether it is with a person or one of the dogs.  I’m sure she would cuddle with one of the cats, but as it has only been a week they are still getting to know her.

Blue is still very puppyish and is working on learning her manners.  She has helped herself to shoes and other items, but hasn’t yet destroyed anything.  Blue isn’t a barky girl and eats fast, but not with vacuum speed. She has also been quick at picking up the ways of the house and follows the lead of the other dogs.  She seems to be house trained, as we had only one incident and that was when she first arrived.


QUICK UPDATE (14 December 2013): Blue went on a transport today on her way to her new foster home. She rode silently for 2 hours and left her crate clean and dry. Blue is thought to be about 6 months old and must have been someone's pet because the vet determined she had already been spayed. When today's transporter/photographer sat down in a chair after their trip, she jumped into the chair next to him and strategically positioned herself for the best belly rub.  She's a very kissy girl when you rub her belly and an all around sweet girl!

Sponsored By: Tina Coleman In Honor of Newton Beagle

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  1. Thanks!

  2. No we are not working with anyone yet.

    • Phyllis English

      Blue was adopted today by a family who was all the way through the approval process. But there are lots of sweet beagles on the site needing a home. I have no doubt you will find your match.

  3. Sorry, I meant her. Thanks!

    • Phyllis English

      Hi Andrew – Are you working with an adoption coordinator yet? Blue is absolutely adorable. I can’t imagine anyone meeting her and not falling in love. She still is puppyish and will need some patience, but she is smart and will learn quickly.

  4. Hello, we are very interested in Blue. We have filled out the application and would love to get more info and see if we are good fit for him. Thanks.

  5. where is this dog located?

    • ErinS

      Hi, Eugene – Blue is currently fostered in the Washington, DC area. If you are interested in adoption, please take a look at information on our adoption process HERE. Thanks for your interest!

  6. Phyllis English

    As her new foster mom, I can attest that this is one sweet, happy, wiggly, kissy girl. She is doing well with both dog and cat siblings. Write up and more pics to come.

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