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Published: February 19, 2012


Age: 2-3

Gender: Female

Update 3/6/12 Bisquick is a happy, playful little doll. She has settled into a daily routine which is topped off at night by exurberant play --- dashing around with her foster brother, tossing and tugging on her stuffed toys! After all that exhausting play, she likes to sit next her adoring "humans" on the couch, or at their feet, snuggled up close. And wonder of wonders: She has learned to "do her business" outside. No accidents in the house for a week! She is amazingly smart, sweet natured and gentle. She is less and less worried about the noises and people outdoors on the walk but still has that nose-to-the-ground beagle-on-the-hunt posture. It is so great to see her having fun, maybe for the first time in her life!

Update for 2-27: What a difference a day makes! Bisquick is running up and down the stairs and all around, romping with my tubby male beagle, Buddy, who could use the exercise. They are tossing toys and playing wildly and having a great time. Bisquick has come out of her shell!

Update 2-26: A lot of TLC has paid off for Bisquick! She is so much more relaxed inside the house and out. She comes to her food bowl and water without prompting and plays out in the yard without the intense anxiety she had last week. She is learning how to relax on the leash and enjoy the great outdoors. She is still quite alert to cars and loud noises and strangers, but she has greatly improved from a week ago. She also has kept her crate clean for several days, and now has hours on end when she can be trusted to lie around with her foster brother, outside her crate.

Bisquick will be a sweet loving family member in a calm home with a yard where she can romp and play like a beagle!

Holy cow is Bisquick adorable! I mean, seriously, how do beagles actually get this cute?

Bisquick is doing really well! She loves the comfort of her cozy crate and goes in without prompting. She is so cuddly and sweet natured; she has not made a sound yet, not a bark or whine or anything. She sleeps quietly all night in her crate, which is clean in the morning. She loves to be petted and will sit in front of me and wag her tail now, which she wouldn't do at first because she was so shy.

She loves to go outside and has that typical nose-to-the-ground beagle walk. She is a little skittish still, sensitive and alert to people and sounds around her. She is comfortable in the house, but outside she is clearly afraid of cars and loud noises and other people. She is comforted when I stop and pull her closer and pet her when she gets scared.

Bisquick will need a quiet environment with reassurance and love in her permanent home. She is as smart as she can be. Boy, is she quick to learn! But more than that, she is so easy to love.


6 Responses

  1. Is Bisquick still available? We just adopted Freckles and we’ve been thinking about another sweet, little Beagle girl.

  2. Deb Szymanik

    She sounds delightful!

  3. Laura,
    We would be interested in having a conversation with the foster family. We have been approved for adoption with Brew.

    Thank you,
    Lisa Tepe

    • Nancy Commisso

      I am the foster mom for Bisquick. Please send me a note and we can set up a meeting for this week.

  4. Tanine Rennick

    She was a very sweet girl at the event on Saturday. I am very interested. I have submitted an application and have emailed Laura, just waiting to hear back.

  5. beautiful litle girl.

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