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Published: August 7, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

NEW - 7 AUGUST 2018:  Bilbo was found as a stray by a family in Haymarket, Virginia, who took him into their home and offered to foster him for BREW. The vet thinks he is between 2-3 years old. Here is what his foster family has to say: Bilbo was shy and respectful upon meeting his foster dog-siblings and cats. He now enjoys the company of our mixed breed pack and has continued to show excellent manners around our cats. He’s becoming more accustomed to the crate and does very well on leash/harness. He’s adjusted well to our household. He’s learning to respect personal space while we eat but has been an easy houseguest.

Bilbo is very responsive to positive redirection. He has the gentlest, sweetest personality. He loves attention and hanging out with the pack but also likes to slip away for a nap on his favorite chair. He is learning to play with toys. He already loves his big Kong and working to get treats out of it. His tail wags easily and he loves to be talked to. He’s been around a troop of nine year old Girl Scouts, who visited our home for hours, and loved the attention they gave him. He was their favorite!

So far we know he is:
•good with children and guests •great with cats and other dogs •doesn’t bark at horses •quiet (He rarely barks or vocalizes, even when our dogs are going nuts.) •loving but also likes to have his space after pets and cuddles •definitely needs to be on leash or supervised even when in a secure, fenced area (He loves tracking rabbits and finding ways to pursue them.)

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  1. Love Bilbo-he seems adorable and reminds me of my constant childhood companion, Pat, the beagle. That was many years and dogs ago. Sadly, we just lost our 14.5 year old standard poodle, Bonaparte, a few months ago. Will fill out application, but we live in NJ (near NYC). Where is Bilbo now? And are there any arrangements to get him or how does that work? Thank you. Janet

    • Janet

      Hi Janet – We’re sorry to hear about Bonaparte, but thank you for asking about Bilbo. He is currently being fostered in Haymarket, VA. If you are interested in meeting and possibly adopting Bilbo you will need to read our Standards for Adoption, fill out an application, and pay a $15 application fee. Once we receive the application and fee, we will assign a volunteer to work with you directly. You can find our standards and application at the following link: We have adopted to people in NJ before. However, you would need to be willing to travel to VA to meet Bilbo.

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