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Published: August 27, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 22 SEPTEMBER 2018: Betty has made great strides since coming to her foster home. She functions much more independently from her foster brother even as she continues to adore him. Betty sleeps in our bed every night and is not afraid to throw her weight around. She is tentatively making friends with the neighborhood kids (ages 8+) but prefers them to get on her level and talk softly to her rather than run up to her. Betty is also bonding with our dog walker, who takes her on walks everyday. Betty is a happy little girl who loves to roll in the wet grass. She is a beautiful beagle with a giant appetite who counter surfs at dinner time. Come see Betty at adoption day in Ellicott City on the 29th.

UPDATE - 10 SEPTEMBER 2018: As Betty is the first puppy to be fostered in this family, we are captivated by Betty's puppy exuberance and adorableness! She is afraid of nothing but her hesitation to approach humans is delaying an off-leash visit to the backyard. Betty will take treats from our hands. She adores her foster brother and the feeling is mutual; if she is separated from him, she cries. Right now we think Betty would benefit from living with another dog. Betty spent the night in the crate at the foot of our bed, and she slept quietly and kept the crate clean. She pooped and peed while on the leash for her morning walk. Any "accidents" Betty has had indoors have been on puppy pads. Betty does really well on the leash and she is so funny- she will leap into the air like popcorn being popped then race away or she will sit so sweetly or lay down. The only bad thing in her opinion is the weird lady who follows her around everywhere and Betty will turn to look at me at the end of the leash: STILL?? her expression seems to say. Betty loves chew toys but she can also shred newspaper or puppy pads with the best. Betty really does not like to be alone. Last night while gated by herself in the kitchen, she started to cry so I brought my cello over to the gate and practiced and she immediately went to sleep in her doggy bed. Betty is a wonderful girl and would be perfect for the patient beagle aficionado.

UPDATE - 9 SEPTEMBER 2018: Betty is now in a foster home. Stay tuned as we learn how she does as a house dog.

UPDATE - 6 SEPTEMBER 2018: Betty is now fully vetted and available for fostering or adoption. According to our kennel manager, both Betty and Beatrice are doing much better now that they are being picked up and petted. They need some leash training for sure. They would probably do better in a home with another outgoing dog for now but may eventually be confident enough to live as the only dog in a home. Of course they are puppies, so they love to play!

UPDATE - 27 AUGUST 2018: Betty is a 6-month-old female beagle who has had a rough start. She and her sister, Beatrice, came in with their mom (Lotus) to the Orange County Animal Shelter in Virginia (Betty has less white around her neck). Lotus was pretty friendly and has found her forever home. Betty and Beatrice are a little on the shy side but have come a long way since coming to BREW. Betty is a little more confident and outgoing than Beatrice. Betty will come up to our kennel manager and take treats from her hand. She can be petted but is still a little submissive. Betty could be a happy member of the family with just a little more time and patience. She will be available for fostering or adoption after September 5th.

NEW - 2 AUGUST 2018: Beatrice and Betty came to BREW with their mom, Lotus, from the Orange County Animal Shelter in Virginia. They are both a little shy and need some socializing, so we will be working on getting them into a foster home once their vetting is completed.


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