Better Than One Beagle?

Published: April 22, 2011

I wanted to let everyone know about how Phinney (used to be Fenway) was doing in his new home.  From the photo you can see that he is getting along great with his new sister, Zosha.  They are hilarious together and play all the time.  We call them Moon Dog and Sun Dog because in the morning Phinney is VERY lazy and wants to sleep while Zosha is crazy and wants to wiggle worm all over the place.  Then at night Zosha wants no part of anything and finds the darkest, quietest place to sleep while Phinney is a total MANIAC.  They are so awesome and bring immense joy to Travis and me.

They both love to go on bike rides, although Phinney can't keep up with Zosha, he is too interested in figuring out "what that smell is".  They love the dog park and  really get all the other dogs to run around like a crazy pack.  Phinney is super vocal and makes me laugh all the time with his voice.  The funniest thing is when he is chasing Zosha and has a ball in his mouth he still tries to bay at her but you can't really hear him because of the ball.

We want to thank all of great people at BREW who helped us get Phinney and were very supportive throughout the entire process.  We can't wait to see everyone at Beagle-Fest!!!

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