Betsy and Bernie (Bertsy)

Age: 2 Years (Betsy) and 3 Years (Bernie) Gender: Female
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Published: February 10, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 5 AUGUST 2018: What a difference a couple weeks can make in the life of a foster pup. I am happy to report that Betsy and Bernie are doing great! They both took wonderful walks last night on their leashes. It is a huge step for these two sweet babies. They really enjoying following me around the house and they are just a treat. Steps - no issues at all. Other than running up and down them as I move about the house 🙂 House trained - yes. Happy, loving and just super all around. They still require a quiet and loving home as they will continue to realize that people can be good! They are afraid of men but with the right, patient and caring one, they will quickly overcome their fears. Not an issue in my home. Whenever workmen come over I have them give some love to the pups. They just need this on a consistent basis and they will be fine. For the right home, these two are ready to begin the next phase in their life, in their forever home. Did I mention they love toys.

UPDATE - 23 JULY 2018: Betsy and Bernie survived their first adoption event! Check out their picture. They spent the entire time snuggled up on the toy shelf, but they let lots of humans pet them and took treats. Can you find the dogs among the toys?

UPDATE - 20 JULY 2018: Betsy and Bernie (bonded beagles) are truly wonderful dogs. They get along fine with my other dogs. We continue to work on walking on a leash and trusting humans in general. These two are just a couple of couch potatoes. All they want is love and they will hang with you on the couch all day, if you want.

Bernie is a little more advanced than Betsy when it comes to the leash and trusting people. Bernie will come to you and Betsy is getting closer each day. They have come a very long way and will continue to improve. When I say improve, I mean trust people and not be afraid of the leash. These are the only two items that need work. They are lovable, sweet, not aggressive at all, quiet, and smart. Very smart. They fell right into my household routine with my other six dogs. These two will be the best fur babies for the right family.

Bernie and Betsy have no food issues. They love mealtime and treats. They do their business outside and will come back in and go to their bed or 'spot'. They are definitely creatures of habit and appreciate a regular schedule. The happiness witnessed at mealtime always puts a smile of my face. Betsy dances around and wags her tail like crazy. And she does it with a smile (I swear it looks like a smile to me). Bernie has his own special celebration with his tail up in the air and obviously happy.

Experienced dog owners a must, a quiet home, in a quiet location with a yard, affection, loving attention and a couch (or comfy spot) is what these two need. You will be rewarded beyond your imagination if you choose to adopt both of these sweet babies.

The big dog in the background is one of my babies.

UPDATE - 21 FEBRUARY 2018: Hollywood had Brangelina. The Big Bang has Shamy. BREW has Bertsy. Bernie and Betsy are now with their new foster mom. She says they are definitely a bonded pair, so we would like to get them adopted together, if possible. The staff at our vet said they are the most bonded pair they have ever seen and are concerned they would become very stressed if separated. She said they sleep like ying and yang. We'll see how they do now that they are in a foster home.

UPDATE - 16 FEBRUARY 2018: We found a foster home that would take both Betsy and Bernie, so we will be learning more about this pair after they have some time to adjust to their new foster home. Stay tuned!

UPDATE - 13 FEBRUARY 2018: Betsy and Bernie are now fully vetted and ready to be fostered or adopted together.

INITIAL INFORMATION: Betsy and Bernie were brought to BREW as a bonded pair. They came in as strays together from Frederick County, VA. We think they might be an owner dump because they do not look like they have been on their own for long. Their teeth are pristine, and Bernie could stand to loose a few pounds. They are very bonded to each other. Bernie is a very frightened boy and is very dependent on Betsy. Betsy, on the other hand, loves every human and dog she meets. We wonder if Betsy and Bernie might be related. They are currently being vetted and then will be looking for a foster home together or a forever home who would be willing to take both of them. We should know more about them soon.


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