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Published: April 4, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 12 ish

Gender: Male

Hi! Butch here! Okay, I know BREW calls me Bernard, but I have been Butch for so many years, that my foster family just calls me that.  Let me tell you, things have been going great since I got here around Thanksgiving.  First off, I know all of you out there want to know one thing: and, it’s true! I have not had one accident since getting here... I am HOUSE TRAINED! But there is lots more to me than a dependable pup.

You may have noticed that I am an older gentleman.  Old age comes with baggage.  I have some arthritis, and it has affected my walking gait.  Because of that, I am not able to go up or down stairs and I must take medication every day to help me.  Foster Mom has taken me to the vet several times for reassessment, and while I am doing better, we are still adjusting dosages to see what will work best for me.  Right now, I take three medications each day and I am doing a lot better.  Nothing can reverse the damage that has been done, but we are working to let me be as comfortable as I can be.

I also had my teeth evaluated and cleaned.  Hoo-boy, does my mouth feel better! I eat dry kibble (the weight-management kind, please) and love treats, too.  I am at a good weight now and it is really important that my new family help me keep my weight down, so that I don’t stress my joints too much.

Updated 2/22/11:  Okay, that’s the “bad” news... but, if you’re still reading this, you may be wondering: What is it like to spend a day in my paws?  I am an easy-going, self-possessed beagle guy.  My former folks told BREW that I am crate-trained, but Foster Mom has never felt the need to crate me here.  I have been very trustworthy.  I get along well with the other doggie residents here, but I would be fine as an only dog, too. I might even like that better. All the loving for me! I really like to be near people, and sometimes, I get a little “talkative” if I can’t get to where they are in the house. Oh, and I also like to talk to the mail carrier... and school kids walking by... and... well, you get the idea! Foster Mom squirts me with water when I get a little too chatty.  Oh, have you noticed that I have the “not good with kids” icon?  Well, I would be fine with older kids... but the little ones are too much for me.  They are fast and unpredictable... and I am a plodding along kind of guy. But I am very friendly to all humans. At night, I like to sleep on a bed near the people’s bed.  I hope you won’t mind if I snore a bit. My tail is always wagging... I am a happy hound!

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Bernard was adopted in 2002. Since then, he has been a well loved member of the family (and called "Butch"). Sadly, bad things happened to the family. The wonderful daughter tried to keep things together, but it became way too much for her.

Bernard is a low-key and happy boy. He needs to lose some weight, but he is a very nice dog!

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Jennifer & Adam Steinbock in Honor of Lisa Norris

Jennifer Sentz in Honor of Lisa Norris & her beloved beagle, Sadie

2 Responses

  1. Deb Szymanik

    What a truly wonderful surprise to see this sweet BREW “old timer” showing “adoption pending.” I am so happy for him; and I am grateful someone realized how special he is!

  2. Ingrid

    Hi! I have a couple of questions about Butch. How’s his arthritis doing now? Can he be walked? Is he alright in the house being left alone, i.e., no howling? We have another 12 year old beagle so technically he wouldn’t be alone. We are considering a second senior beagle as ours died on Halloween. Our dogs have free run of the house so he sounds like he might work. The beagle we have left is very friendly with other dogs. I’m assuming Butch is, too? But as she is a little anxious we are definitely looking for a CALM dog to help ease her fears (she did great with our other beagle who was really mellow). Thanks for any more info you can give us!

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