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Published: March 21, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE: March 21, 2016 - We are following up on the weakness in Bella's legs. Her difficulty with steps has become more obvious, so I am keeping her baby-gated to the main floor in my home.  Except for first thing in morning, she still will go up and down the stairs herself but going up becomes much slower in the afternoon. A home with a lot of steps like a townhouse might not be right for her, although she is small and easily carried. She is a wonderful dog and a pleasure to be around.

March 9, 2016 -Bella was seen by an specialist who felt her altered gait is normal for her, rather than being the result of trauma. She has no orthopedic or neurologic symptoms. She is very quiet and is housetrained and will sit for a treat. She gets along well with my senior dog.  She loves going on walks and carrying around little stuffed toys and tries to hide them when she's done. She hasn't hesitated to go up and down the stairs here. She is happy on the floor and does not jump on furniture but will be happy to sit with you if you lift her up. She is a beautiful lemon beagle- red and white with the cutest little pinky-brown nose..

March 2, 2016- Bella, 3-4yr old spayed, fully vetted little beagle was found in a ditch after possibly being bumped/hit by a car.  She was then taken to Louisa Co. Animal Shelter where she stayed for a few weeks while recuperating.  She has been seen by the vet, no hip fractures were found but she does walk a little funny.  She can go up and down stairs but she's a little slow at it.  She is not crated although she will go in a crate and seems to be crate trained.  She's extremely affectionate, loves to give kisses and is excellent with children.

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  1. Jim

    I’m still trying to get some information on Bella. It’s my understanding that she had disc surgery. How is she doing? When will she be ready for adoption? Thanks for your help. Jim

    • Erin

      Hi, Jim – I am not up to speed on Bella’s progress but have forwarded your inquiry to someone who should be able to provide an update soon. Thank you for your interest in adoption!

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