Becca Baby

Published: April 22, 2011

Charles, Cynthia, Chuck, and Madeleine Wiley

Hi Everyone!

I used to be a very shy beagle girl, until I became a Wiley! (The last name of my adopted family.) Anyway, I have made great progress being here! I am less shy when new people go to pet my pretty face! I use to be very antsy when it came to food, but my family is doing a very good job on teaching me! My daddy and my sister always try to get me to sit before I have food so I get use to sitting! My mommy and brother always love to show me the lovin'! They always scratch my belly and play with me! I get walks almost everyday except when it is extremely coooold!!! I EVEN HAVE ANOTHER BEAGLE TO PLAY WITH ,TOO! His name is Bridger and we love to chase each other around the house! My sister gave me a little description through my name! (Look at the bottom.) My mommy and sister decided to give me a middle name too! So my full name is Becca Amanda Wiley! Amanda means WORTHY OF LOVE. They thought it was perfect for me since I deserved more love from my previous owner! But, that life is all over now! I have a family who will love my until who knows how long!!!!!!!!! They give so many things that I am grateful for, and for that I will love them always!!!!!!!!!!



Becca Baby

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