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Published: January 26, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 16 JUNE 2018: Beauregard joined us today at our adoption event in Ellicott City. This boy has lots of energy! He was wonderful with everyone and the other dogs, but he didn't stop moving the entire time! He pulls quite a bit on his leash, but he loves going for a walk. If you are looking for a handsome larger boy with endless energy, Beau is the one for you!

UPDATE - 26 APRIL 2018: Beauregard continues to be a super sweet and loving beagle. He loves to snuggle and give kisses; however, when he is not sleeping and snuggling, he is very high energy. He loves to run and play and wrestle with the other dogs. He is good with kids too, but he still jumps when he is really excited so he may not be good with smaller kids whom he might knock down if he jumps up. He was getting better at walking on a leash with a harness, but he chewed up his harness and I have not had a chance to get him another one yet. I continue to keep the doggie door closed when I am not right there with them, because if the other dogs won’t play with him and he gets bored, he starts looking for an escape route. He came in covered in mud one day and I figured out that he was trying to dig a tunnel under the fence behind my shed. He He is very food motivated and has learned to sit for his meals and for treats but if you make him wait too long, he gets excited and starts jumping around. He still tries to counter surf which we are working on along with the jumping. Beauregard is a tenacious beagle but eager to please.

UPDATE - 23 FEBRUARY 2018 (from Beau's foster mom):  So I lied, the first week and a half that Beauregard was here, he did not show any inclination of trying to escape from the fenced yard, but then he did. I fixed the part of the fence that he pulled apart to escape, but he managed to escape another time and I have no idea how he got out. I have since been closing the doggie door (to my cat’s dismay) when I am not there to monitor him. I bought some surveillance cameras to install so I can monitor him when he is in the backyard to see how he is escaping. He seemed to be house trained for the most part, but with the doggie door closed he has had 2 piddle accidents in the house. I am never gone longer than 6 hours.

Beauregard is a super loving dog, but definitely needs someone with patience. He has that beagle stubbornness! He wants to walk where he wants to walk but is definitely making progress. Baby steps. He is only 32 pounds, but he is very strong when walking. The harness definitely helps! He loves to run and play with other dogs! He is like a little kid, he wants to keep playing and tries so hard to keep his eyes open, but falls asleep. He gets along well with my cat too. As you can tell by the picture, he and my cat appear to be about the same size. It is not because Beauregard is small, it is because my cat is big and can hold his own, if need be. Beauregard is a little taller than most beagles. I would guess that he is more like 16-17 inches.

He is very food motivated! He has learned to sit, which was challenging at first because he was so excited for the food that his tail wouldn’t stop wagging for him to sit. He is a counter surfer, which we are really trying to discourage because he has pulled down my cat’s food twice. If my swamp of a yard ever dries up, I want to try to put out the agility course for him. That is an activity that seems like he could be a lil superstar! Agile, fast, and food motivated!

UPDATE - 11 FEBRUARY 2018 (from Beauregard's foster mom):  Beauregard has been with me a week and is gaining confidence and settling in here. When he first got here, he was very nervous. When he is in the house or the yard, he has become very confident. He still seems to be nervous when we go for walks. Bags of trash, cars driving by and wind blowing leaves around seem to scare him and make him pull a little more on his leash. The harness definitely helps with the pulling, but he is still a puller. And for being only 32 pounds, he is strong!

Beau does not like getting into the car, but once he is in the car he lies down and naps. He did not like the parking lot at Petco or going in to Petco to get him a harness and pill pockets. We had to cut our trip short and I took him back home and went back by myself.

I thought Beau was completely house trained, but he had 2 piddle accidents today when I was gone for about 4 hours. Maybe it was because it was raining and dreary all day today because those were his only accidents in the week that he has been here. I have a doggie door, so I don’t know if he knows to alert you that he needs to go outside.

I have not had him around children. There are children in my neighborhood, so hopefully there will be some nice days this week and we can walk around the neighborhood and try to approach some children. He is a jumper though, which we are trying to discourage. I think he is part beagle, part meercat and part kangaroo. He has some unconventional ways of getting up on the furniture, e.g. jumping over from the back of the sofa, jumping over the end table, etc. He has already broken a lamp. I have been calling him Beauregard because I am not sure if he can tell the difference between Beau and no…

Beau has growled a couple of times at my boyfriend’s Australian Shepherd when they both wanted the same toy. Beauregard always came out with the toy which makes me think he might have a little alpha in him. Other than those couple instances, when they are with each other, they are best buds and chase each other and play bite the face non-stop!

Beau is super sweet and loving, but definitely needs some more discipline. He is a counter surfer too. Luckily, he is not that tall, so he can only reach the very front part of the counters. He does seem to be a little taller, longer, and lankier than my previous beagles. He also does not seem to be as much of an escape artist as my previous beagles. When he is in the back yard, I have not noticed him trying to find an escape route.

He is definitely food motivated. I try to make him sit to give him a treat, but he gets so excited and his tail wags so hard that he has a hard time sitting and his lil’ bum pops up in the air and his front goes down that we call it reverse sitting! 😉

Neau has gotten a little more vocal since he has been here. He now does the beagle arroo when I get home and when I leave, but not for very long. Speaking of leaving, it is very hard to get out of the house, because he wants to come too. I don’t have a crate, so I don’t know how he is with crating.

UPDATE - 3 FEBRUARY 2018: Beau went to a foster home today, so stay tuned as we learn more about him from his new foster family.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Beauregard (who prefers Beau) is 2 year old male beagle who comes to BREW as an owner give up from Fredericksburg, Virginia. It seems an elderly couple adopted him from the shelter in November and was looking to return him for “following his nose too much”. Obviously they hadn’t read up on beagles! Beau is a bigger beagle at around 30 pounds. He likes people and rides well in a crate. His prior foster family (daughter of the elderly couple) says he had free run of the house since he is completely house trained (but may need a refresher in a new home). Beau is ready for fostering or adoption.

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  1. How possible is it to adopt Beau out of state? I’ve been watching him on your site for a couple of months now but I live in Nashville, TN. Do you ever do out of state adoptions? What are your rules on this?

    • Janet

      Hi Sarah – Yes, we will adopt to people who are out of state. Most of our beagles are in Virginia and Maryland. You would be required to go through the same adoption process as everyone else, which includes submitting an application and having a telephone interview and home check. We would find someone in your area to do the home check. Our policies and application can be found on the web page. You would also need to be willing to travel to meet Beau, who is currently located in a foster home near the Baltimore, MD, area. We do not transport beagles to new owners. If you are interested, please fill out an application and we will assign a volunteer to help you through the process. Thank you for your interest in Beau!

  2. Will Bearergard be in Manassas next weekend for the adoption day?

    • Janet

      Hi Jodi – Right now it doesn’t look like Beauregard will be at the adoption day on the 19th, but we are still waiting for confirmation from his foster mom. He is currently being fostered near Catonsville, MD, so we could arrange a meet and greet at Beau’s foster home, if that is convenient for you.

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