Beatrice (Bebe)

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Published: November 29, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Gender: Female

Age: 4ish

BeBe (Beatrice) is a young 4ish year old female, 22lb fully grown tri-color beagle who is happy, full of life, fun and energy. She loves to be outside, rolling in the grass, going for walks and playing ball. She is a high-energy dog who needs to run and play.

She is house trained and will go to the door or whine when it’s time to go.

BeBe is gentle and playful with children, however she would be fine in a home without children OR as the only dog.

She is crate-trained and will go in the crate for a treat.

A fenced in yard would be perfect for her to run and play freely. An apartment would be ok if she were adopted by an active person who could give her the exercise she loves. If you're a couch potato in an apartment, Bebe is not the best fit for you!

She will follow you everywhere because she loves the companionship.

BeBe graduated from basic obedience training where she learned how to sit, stay, heel on walks and lay down although sometimes she forgets the commands when she is excited. Be careful, when you mention the word “Car”, she will run to the garage door in utter excitement, because being in the car is something she loves to do.

She will relax comfortably on a sofa if allowed, or on her own bed on the floor. On walks, BeBe greets other dogs happily and plays well in doggie daycare with other dogs. It’s almost winter time, rolling and burying her nose in the snow will just make you laugh at her silliness.

Sponsored by: Richard Lee

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  1. Fran Battey

    We are really lookiong forward to meeting BeBe soon!
    Fran Battey

  2. I am interested in adopting BeBe, is she still available. ?

  3. Nina

    Hi, I’m in PA looking to adopt a beagle. What state are you in?

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