Baxter The Lemon Beagle

Original Brew Name: Buster Brown
Published: November 16, 2015

We adopted Baxter in February 2004 along with our other BREW beagle, MacGyver. They had been kenneled together and established a bond that continued until Baxter's death on October 30, 2015. Baxter would have been 13 in January. Baxter and MacGyver, or "the boys" as we affectionately referred to them, looked out for each other, slept together and were best friends. Baxter was a sweet little lemon beagle boy who was always wagging his tail. The side of his mouth would curve up into a smile. Baxter had many challenges in his life, having been abused before we got him, and having health issues over the years. Nothing ever stopped him from being a loving dog. In his earlier years, he enjoyed taking walks with us and our friend BJ and her dog Lily. Up until a few weeks ago he still took short walks in our neighborhood. Baxter liked riding in the car and resting his head on the arm rest. He would look at you with his big, beautiful, expressive eyes then roll over even when it would be a struggle to get back up, just so he could have his belly rubbed. When he first showed signs of what was to become his final illness, Dr. Weber thought it was a UTI so he was put on antibiotics. When things didn't get better, further testing was performed and he was diagnosed with kidney failure. On what was to the last full day of his life he enjoyed the sunshine in our back yard. With a heavy heart we had to let him go so he wouldn't suffer any more. We will always miss him and hope that he is somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge enjoying the sun.

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