Batman says “Thanks for my new home!”

Published: April 13, 2011

Hello, I want to just write a short happy ending for our wonderful Bubba (Batman old name)

We have only had him 9 days and he is wonderful. He plays and sleeps all curled up with his older but little brother Theo.
He sleeps in his crate with no trouble and he has not had but one accident in his new home. He has the doggie door and he loves it.
I am not sure but I think we are all the lucky ones in the end, we have a wonderful new baby and baby has a wonderful new mom, dad and bro.

In three short days he had learned to sit and we give him a treat for it. Now he will do it just with the word sit no treat involved, but of course they still get the treats most the time.

Thank you so much BREW for being here for the little and the bigger beagles.

Thanks so much

Tony, Deb and Theo

PS Bubba (Batman other name) says thanks for the wonderful happy home also

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