Published: April 7, 2017

We adopted Bandit (aka Winston) from BREW in 2003 when he was approximately 2 years old.  Initially, Bandit was very scared and timid due to his unknown prior life.  To help with this transition, we added a BREW sister Maggie (Lola) to help him.  It took a while (years), but Bandit finally turned the corner and was able to trust people again.  In 2005, our family grew with the addition of twin human boys and instantly Bandit was their #1 fan and protector. Wherever they were in the house, he was right there with them.

Over the years as he matured, he turned into the most awesome lap dog and belly rub procurer.  He would sleep in our bed like a human with his body under the covers and his head sticking out. Always ready for a treat or belly rub, he was quick to bring a smile to the eyes of those around him.

Bandit aged gracefully and gave us a scare in the winter of 2015 when he experienced a bad case of Vestibular disease.  It did not look good for a while, but with the excellent care of his vet he was able to make a good recovery. His head cocked to the side on occasion, but he was still the happy dog that we had come to know.

Age finally caught up to him on March 31st, 2017 and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge to his (perhaps) final destination.  We loved him with all that we had and miss him greatly.  He is survived by his furry sisters Maggie and Ginger.

Many Thanks go to BREW for rescuing Bandit and making him available to us so that he could experience the family life that he so deserved.

Chris, Tracey, Dylan and William Shepherd

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