Age: 5-6 Years Gender: Female
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Published: March 25, 2015

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 4 OCTOBER 2015: As we close our second week with Bagels, we can report that she is a studious sniffer who is very interested in what you are thinking.

But she is not above getting her yayas out as you can see her in one of her new photos rocking out at Prince William Dog Park!

25 SEPTEMBER 2015:  Miss Bagels, a beagle/basset mix, has been living with us for five days now. She is a gentle, sweet soul who is also inquisitive and adventurous. Bagels loves the outdoors, no one delights in the sounds and smells on a walk more than she! She did not run away when her harness came off but she stood patiently until I realized it and put it back on. I think she understands housetraining but her naughty beagle foster brothers and sister set a bad example for her. She goes pee and poop while on the leash. She has barked once the entire time she has been with us. A true chow hound, Bagels will jump up or push to eat but doesn't fight with the others at mealtime. She is comfortable just about anywhere and groans happily on a soft blanket. She rides well in the car, but finds the stairs in our house an unfamiliar challenge.  Bagels is a fun dog who is a joy to be around.

23 APRIL 2015: Bagels is now fully vetted and ready for her foster or forever home!

Original info: Bagels is a 5- to 6-year-old female who will be available after her vetting is completed. She is friendly, low key, and good with other dogs.  Bagels was a stray in Louisa County, Virginia with Lox, and her history is unknown.

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