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Published: January 17, 2012

I've Been Adopted!Bacall

Gender: Female

Age: 1-2

This darling little girl is Bacall and she is hoping for a new home today!!! She was one lucky Beagle - she was a stray wandering around the county when someone hit her with a car and kept going.

Luckily for Bacall, the car right behind the one that hit her pulled over and picked her up, they had seen the whole thing and called the shelter to pick her up from them. The officer rushed her to the vet because they were thinking she had a broken leg because she wouldn't put any weight on it. Luckily for Bacall, she did not have a broken leg, it was just bruised. The car must have just bumped her.

Bacall is only a year maybe two old and she weighs just 23 pounds.

She is so silly! She loves to zoom around you while you are out in the yard! She almost looks as if she is laughing!

Bacall is a very sociable little girl who just loves everyone she meets! She does have high energy that is typical of a young Beagle. She is a darling girl who truly deserves a forever home.

She was dog and cat tested at the shelter where she was held.

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