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Published: April 30, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Gender: Male

Age: 8 weeks

You guys went bananas over me on that should get me adopted right?

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  1. Marti K

    Baby Ruth is so sweet and loveable and playful! I got to meet him yesterday and watch him romp and play for several hours with Butterscotch. I’m thankful that I got the chance while waiting for my flight to take Butterscotch home with me!

  2. Pamela

    He is a darling and would make any family a wonderful addition. His sister is with us, and she is a sweetie.

  3. Rochelle

    Even cuter now with the new picture! Where is he located?

  4. Zoe

    Is this beautiful pup still available?

  5. Tina

    BabyRuth looks ADORABLE. We’re working on the home interview this week – scheduled for Friday. If BabyRuth is still available, please do let me know.

  6. Pamela

    I thought for sure Baby Ruth would be scooped up by now. The only reason we chose Lollipop over Baby Ruth was that we were looking for a female. Baby Ruth is a beautiful pup with a sweet personality. He will make a great addition to any family. These pups are all sweet and lovable.

  7. Marti K

    I hope that Baby Ruth finds his forever home very soon!! It was a tough choice between him and Butterscotch!! We are finalizing our adoption of Butterscotch- can’t wait to bring him home and meet the rest of the pack:)!!

  8. Marti K

    Hi Missy,

    Which one- is it Lollipop?


    • Missy


  9. Marti K

    Is Baby Ruth and the other lemon puppies still available for adoption??


    • Missy

      One of the three has been claimed.

  10. Marti K

    I would love to adopt this adorable little sweety or one of his siblings! I’m waiting to hear back still from my first interview regarding adopting one of the lemon puppies!

  11. Pamela

    Baby Ruth is a doll, and he has the best beagle ears ever!!!!

  12. Marti K

    He is SO ADORABLE!! I would love to adopt him or one of his siblings! How soon are these little sweeties available for adoption? We have Bridget who we adopted from BREW two years ago, and she is doing great! We also have a sweet boy beagle named Cooper who we adopted. I think our beagles would love a new addition to the family:) Your new website is great! Thanks for all that you do for the beagles!

  13. Love this little guy! Maybe I can get my Pete (about 1) to settle down enough to have a brother around!

  14. Ruth

    Just the best name… But can he play for the Phillies?

  15. Barb

    I want him…seriously. My husband volunteers for BREW. Does that help?!

  16. Luna

    He’s adorable. He’ll definitely get adopted quickly!

  17. This little guy is such a cutie!!

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