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Published: August 12, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE: 29 JANUARY 2018: It's getting harder and harder for me (Arthur's foster mom) to understand why adopters aren't falling all over each other for this adorable, wonderful little guy. He loves all people and dogs. He seems to have a total lack of interest in the cat. After getting through transitioning to our schedule, he's the easiest dog ever. He loves to play with his foster siblings and then just curl up in his chair, on the sofa with his foster siblings, or with me. He is the perfect dog for anyone looking for a playmate for their resident dog. He also loves little kids. Let's find this pup the perfect home now!

UPDATE - 11 JANUARY 2018: Arthur is jumping for joy that the weather has finally warmed up a bit. Although he adjusted better than his foster siblings to going out in the cold, he much prefers playing outside at daycare than being stuck inside. A month after arriving here, he has gotten into a routine that makes him the perfect houseguest (don’t tell him he’s only a houseguest please). He plays well with both my dobe and BREW beagle. (Yes, he did aggravate the dobe when they were both asleep on the sofa and he tried to climb over the dobe). He loves people so much that he will be in his glory if he goes to a family with a lot of activity including kids of all ages. Any adopter should remember that he’s young and rambunctious and still has puppy energy and some lack of good judgment. Even in those moments (such as thinking it’s a good idea to climb over the dobe), he’s a happy fellow just loving life.

UPDATE - 26 DECEMBER 2017: Arthur thoroughly enjoyed lounging and playing with his foster siblings over the Christmas weekend while foster mom binge-watched Netflix. He still loves to be with other dogs (doggie daycare can put him in with any group) and then cuddle with foster mom by night.

UPDATE - 8 DECEMBER 2017 (from Arthur's foster mom): This young happy-go-lucky boy has been with me for just under a week. He loves exploring every inch of the yard, most of the time full speed ahead. He also though loves to cuddle and make himself at home on the comfy sofa. He loves all dogs and people. He is not keen on crating but needs some confinement at his young age to help with the housetraining and to keep him out of trouble. He has adjusted though to crating overnight after a very busy day at doggie daycare with additional walks and yard time. He's got the perfect temperament and tells me all the time that he's working on his house manners.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Arthur is a 2-year-old neutered beagle who is fully vetted and available for adoption.  He's friendly, good with other dogs but was a stray at the Louisa County (Virginia) Animal Shelter, so his history is unknown. Stay tuned as we get to know Arthur better!

12 Responses

  1. I submitted an application for Arthur yesterday. I hope he is still available!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Janet

      Hi Brian – Arthur has had quite a bit of interest lately (finally!), and he has an approved adopter meeting him this weekend. I hope you will consider some of our other adoptable beagles if Arthur is no longer available. Thank you for your interest in BREW!

  2. I have already been a BREW beagle owner. I am interested in adopting Arthur. Next steps? ( I sent an previous message but didn’t mention Arthur)

    • Janet

      Hi Katie – Arthur is meeting a family this upcoming weekend, so he is likely to be adopted and will no longer be available. Sorry! Since you are a previous BREW adopter, I will put you in touch with someone who can contact you directly.

  3. Arthur sounds perfect! He checks a lot of boxes for us. We recently submitted an application and, although I didn’t list him by name, I think he is fast becoming a favorite of me, my husband, kids, and cat (she loves being ignored by dogs!). I hope we get the opportunity to meet him!

    • Janet

      Hi Emily – We did receive your application, so you should be hearing from one of our volunteers next week. Arthur has other people interested in him, so there is no guarantee he will still be available when you are ready to adopt. We require both an interview and a home check prior to adoption. However, if you are in the Manassas, VA, area on the 17th, please stop by our adoption event (details are on the web site). I don’t think Arthur will be there, but you can meet some of our other beagles and talk to BREW volunteers about the adoption process.

  4. How big is Arthur? He looks about 25 lbs. Also do you reside in Northern VA and/or will you be at the adoption event in a Manassas this February?

    • Janet

      Hi Christy – You are correct! Arthur is about 25 pounds. He is currently fostered in the Annapolis, Md, so we don’t know yet if he will be attending the next adoption day in Manassas, VA.

      • I’m crushed. That’s a 4 Hour round trip unfortunately. Would you be so kind as to let me know if Arthur is able to make the event? Thank you for answering my questions.

        • Janet

          Right now, I don’t believe Arthur will be at the adoption event on the 17th. We did receive your application, so you should be hearing from one of our volunteers next week about our adoption process and the possibility of meeting Arthur. We also encourage you to come to the adoption event on the 17th to meet other beagles. We will update the web site once we know for sure which beagles will be attending.

  5. How can someone see Arthur? I see that he will not be at the event tomorrow in Manassas? 🙁

    • Janet

      Hi Sally – Thank you for your interest in Arthur. If you have already been approved to adopt from BREW, then we can make arrangements for you to visit Arthur. If you have not yet submitted an application to adopt from BREW, you can fill one out at the adoption day or online at

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