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Published: July 20, 2011

I've been adopted!


Age: 2 years
Gender: Female

My name is Ariel (Elle for short).  I am a very sweet and loving 2 year old female and I recently had the good fortune to find myself a foster home. Before then, I had been living in a kennel for an awfully long, long time and before that, well, no one really knows my history (a stray they call me - and a lady never tells!).  I am excited because now that I have a foster home, I am hoping to find my forever home.   Every night when I close my eyes I dream it won’t be too much longer until I find my forever home. It has been a rough life for me so far and I have over heard people say that I would make a wonderful addition to any home.  I can hardly wait…maybe you are the one I have been hoping to meet ~

I am learning to live in a house and now have a foster beagle sister and brother.  I am a little pushy with other dogs – mostly out of fear I think. I think I would like to live with another dog, but as I right now, I have some issues.  I am now learning to play with and get along with other dog.  I do well with my foster siblings.  I do not behave too well at adoption events because I get anxious and don’t act like myself.  I can’t help it, I get worried and nervous at adoption events.  Too much pressure for me I guess.  I am on the small side and weigh about  21 pounds.

I am still working on the bathroom thing ~ there really were no rules at the kennel so I am learning.  Hope my foster family will continue to be patient with me ~ I am trying so hard to be the best possible dog.

I absolutely love to go on walks (I could walk all day if someone would go with me) and I am crazy about nature - especially rabbits.  I have a special noise I make when I see one.

I would love to meet you someday – maybe I am just what you have been looking for – and I am dreaming that you are the one I have been hoping for too …

Ariel is a 8 month - 12 month old spayed female beagle.  She's friendly and outgoing, small, weighs only 18lbs.  She was stray in Chatham, VA so her history is unknown.

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8 Responses

  1. diane schemm

    hi, am really, really, realy interested in Ariel. Have had phone interview, application’s done, home check finished. What can I possibly do to see her? If I could, I’d come to get her today. I live in Ashburn, VA. Seven miles west of Dulles Airport. Where in PA do you live? Would have written much sooner, but had older son ill, that’s taken care of now. My phone is 703-729-2901. My birthday’s this Mon. & was wondering after a certail age what makes b’days special. I couldn’t think of anything specialer, than having Ariel for my forever friend. Look forward to hearing. Thanks, Diane

  2. Deb Szymanik

    What great news Ariel is now in a foster home! I love her sweet face.

  3. Deb Szymanik

    This sweet little tiny beagle gal is so pretty and adorable. Praying she finds her forever home or a foster home soon!

  4. Teresa

    Interested in meeting Ariel is she in Virginia?

  5. Teresa Carter

    Will Ariel be at June 16 adoption event?

  6. Laura,
    How is Ariel doing? Is she still available? Let us know..we are interested in her as well.
    Lisa Tepe

  7. Donna Kiscaden

    I am interested in learning more about fostering and possibly adopting Ariel. I have two other dogs, one of which I adopted from Brew, that I need to ensure Ariel would get along with.

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