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Published: July 18, 2012

I've been adopted!

Gender: Female

Age: 2ish

April the beagle has been a delight since we brought her home to foster over a month ago.

She’s full grown but still has some puppy energy.  April gets along well with our male and female beagles, as well as the cats.

April keeps her crate clean every day!  She enjoys walks but is still getting used to the leash.  She is very playful and has been known to steal things and bring them to her bed, such as shoes.  She hasn’t chewed any shoes but she does like to shred newspaper and chew Nylabones.

April is quiet for the most part but when we saw a deer during our walk she made some excited shrieking sounds.

April had a couple of accidents in the house the first week but none since.  She can be a nervous piddler, if she’s being told in a stern voice not to chew on something.

As a bonus, April also understands the command, sit!  She loves affection, especially from her foster Dad.

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  1. Sophia A

    Laura, My 14 year old daughter and I have wanted to adopt a beagle for a while now. Hopefully we will be able to make it to Alexandria, VA on 8/18/12 for the adoption show. Will April and Linny be at that show? Hope to hear from you.

  2. Stephanie M

    Is April still available? I live in Mt. Lebanon, PA with my husband and nine year old daughter. She seems like she’d be a good fit for us, especially since we have a cat. We have a big fenced in back yard. Please let me know. Thank you!

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Stephanie, both Linny and April are available. If you’d like to adopt from BREW, please submit an adoption application from our website. Thanks!

      Laura Charles Johnson
      Director, BREW, Inc.

  3. Andrea stange

    My family adopted a brew beagle two years ago and it has been the biggest blessing ever.
    I now have just gotten my own place and am interested in adopting an older beagle from brew. I was wondering if I could get more info on a
    April. I live in a condo but live a minute away from a huge dog park.

    Hope to hear from you,
    Thank you

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Andrea, I’m so glad your family has had a positive experience and that you’ve come back to BREW! If you could, please fill out an adoption application and we’ll go from there. I’m certain that we can find a beagle companion for you.

  4. She is so precious. Wish I could have another Beagle but you know community laws. Good Luck at finding a forever home soon.

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