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Published: February 2, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 10 APRIL 2016: Andy is continuing to do well in his foster home! He is still learning his potty training. We had a bit of a delay on it due to him having a parasite that caused some tummy issues. But he shows remorse when he is made aware that it is wrong. As he continues to grown in confidence his personality really is coming out. He has begun to bark when there is something outside or he hears something. He did begin to have some treat and toy possessive. This is only when our resident dog is by. We have been working on this and I believe we have made real progress. Though he has never had any possessiveness towards us. He also does really good with kids! As seen in one of his new pictures, Andy is a good listener and will leave or drop anything he's told. His commands are going very well also. He loves his toys and will grab a new one every 5 minutes. He definitely is a puppy in that he likes to get into mischief and needs a eyes on him. Andy is a real sweety and is a cutie. He does not like wearing a collar with a tag on it because between his big ears and the collar, it gets too much in the way of walking. It really is the cutest thing to watch him walk around. He does good on walks with a harness. Though I think he gets bored on longer walks. Also with his short legs it takes more energy. He is still doing really good with our cat.

21 MARCH 2016: Andy is doing good. He is really coming out of his shell and gaining more confidence. He is very quiet. I think I've heard him bark once. He does really good in the crate and doesn't make a peep though he is not walking into it on his own yet. On his page it says he has high energy. However he really doesn't. He is more moderate energy. He does really good with our cat. They are already buddies. His leash walking abilities aren't that good. But I think that just has to do with his confidence. His potty training is okay. Though he has had an upset stomach he is getting over which has made potty training more difficult. Though I have no doubt that he will be fully potty training in no time. His eyes are getting a little better with some allergy medication.

UPDATE - 8 FEBRUARY 2016: Andy is now fully vetted and ready for a foster or forever home!

Andy is a 6-month-old male beagle from the Green County, Virginia shelter.  He has beautiful, big ears!!!!  Andy is friendly, playful and social, and gets along great with other dogs.  He hasn't quite gotten used to riding in the car yet but hopefully he will eventually.  He was a stray so his history is unknown.  Andy will be available for adoption or fostering after his vetting has been completed.

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