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Published: March 27, 2011


Age: 7-8 years

Gender: Female

Update 1/4/2012: Since the last update, Amber’s foster sister has found a wonderful forever family and a foster brother has joined us.  She’s not sure what’s going on but he seems to be OK. Amber shares well and likes the fact that she is now left loose in the house when I have to leave (he is still crated).  The dog door is always open and makes it easy for her to go outside when she needs to potty.  She still doesn’t always want to potty on the leash for me (our outside time is meant to be a walk) but will happily do so for anyone else who is willing to walk her.

Amber likes riding in the car and happily greets everyone at the adoption days.  She is still nervous about loud/sudden noises but is getting better.

This beautiful girl deserves someone who is able to spend time with her and to give her back the love she shares so willingly

Updated 5/29/2011: Amber came back to live with me about two weeks ago. We all thought she'd found her forever home but health problems in her new family made it impossible for them to keep her. They were devastated but knew they couldn't provide the care she needed.

Amber now lives with me and a much smaller foster beagle sister. They get along very well; in fact her sister beagle appears to be helping her get over her nervousness at unexpected or loud noises. Both sleep on the bed; sometimes Amber will sleep on the floor on a dog bed but she doesn't like to sleep in her crate.

In fact she doesn't like the crate but can spend 3- 3.5 hours in it without any problem. Sometimes she will potty on the leash but not always. She has a dog door here at I open for her three times a day. At night it is closed and she's had no accidents. Amber loves to walk and to ride in the car.  She will play with her toys and toss them around or be quiet and rest on her dog bed -- then turn around and do zoomies through the living room.

She is great with children and with other dogs and cats. Even though she is very large for a beagle (~40lbs) she is very gentle with children and will sit down in front of them and wait to be petted. She wants to be with people as much as possible and would be a wonderful companion for an active family of any size.

12/21/10: Amber has been with me for five weeks now and it feels as though she’s always been a member of the family. She’s estimated to be 7-8 years old but she plays like a puppy, throwing her toys up in the air and chasing after them. Amber isn’t very good yet on bringing them back on command; she does however, usually bring them back because she wants me to play too. Two minutes later she is happy to cuddle in the chair with her head resting on my shoulder or chest or to curl up on her bed which is next to my chair. If I’m busy or don’t want to play, she’s happy to either play on her own or to take a nap. Amber is not destructive; she will chew on tissue and has play “attacked” the newspaper, but never bothers clothes, shoes, or other “normal dog targets”

Amber loves to ride in the car (in her crate). Amber is great with kids, with adults of all ages and other dogs.
Amber is very strong. She weighs ~35 lbs, is ~16.5”-17” tall at the shoulder and ~19” from the base of her neck (where her collar rests) to the base of her tail. Because of her size and strength it’s important that she is the most well behaved beagle I’ve ever known. She will countersurf if the possibility arises but often is checking out something else (like a candle or perfume jar) that smells so good.  She is not demanding of either inappropriate food or of attention. In fact she sleeps on the top of the covers on my bed and will wait until I’m ready to get up - be it early or late, without complaint.

She must be kept on a leash while out (and blocked at the door); Amber does pull some on the leash, but generally likes to stay by me. She wants to smell everything and meet everyone. Amber will potty when on the leash. Here at the house, she uses the doggie door to the back yard. The only “accident” we’ve had was the day and night it poured rain. Amber decided that if everyone else used the bathroom, she should have that option as well. The predictable result was cleaned up and we’ve moved on. She sleeps on the bed next to me but on top of the covers all curled up in a ball.

On December 4, Amber went to her first adoption day with me. She loved meeting everyone and was great with children of all ages and is looking forward to the next adoption day in January.

Amber has a wonderful serene nature and has lots of good years left for anyone smart enough to give her a chance. Take a look at her recent photos and consider how great she’d look in your next family photos

UPDATE FROM FOSTER HOME: Amber loves to go on walks and  ride in the car. She is sleeping in her crate at night but  has the run of the house otherwise. Good news - Amber seems to be on a potty schedule of going about 1.5 hours after eating. She doesn't say when she needs to go but keeps going to the door; I just need to catch her timing.

Amber doesn't like the crate but once she is in it she doesn't cause trouble.  The only time I've heard her bark was when we were playing and I held a toy up above her head. Amber loves to play with her toys; she was immediately familiar with the house. In fact when we got here, she wanted to investigate the house not go for a walk.  She is truly playful and is quite intelligent.

Amber will counter surf if given the chance but doesn't gobble her food and appears completely non food aggressive.  Amber leaves me in peace to eat my meals after I tell her no.

PS -- Amber is the only dog I've ever known who likes to roll. She found an area of the lawn that she like and roll all over – it was so amusing to watch!

Don't pass up this stately girl - She is a wonderful girl with a super personality.  Don't let her sad look fool you, she is really a happy girl.  Loves to walk and explore

Amber is a 6-7yr old spayed female that is fully vetted.  She is very friendly, gets along well with other dogs.  She was a stray in Amelia Co, VA so her history is unknown.

Amber loved meeting everyone at adoption day.  She is a little bigger than your average beagle and oh so sweet

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  1. Deb Szymanik

    There is nothing like the love of a senior dog! The picture of Amber in her dog bed just touches my heart – what an expressive sweet face.

  2. Hi,
    Would like to speak about her. I have a 18 year old cat and a 19 year old beagle and would like to learn more. My 18 year old beagle just crossed rainbow bridge and have owned and fostered many other beagles.


    • Laura w/ BREW


      That’s great! Please submit an adoption application on our website so we can get things going. All 3 beagles you mentioned are available. Only Cat is not in a foster home.

  3. We are thrilled & extremely proud to have Amber as the newest member of our family! Thank you to all at BREW for making Ambers’ move so smooth & easy 🙂

    • Laura

      Clapham family,
      Thank you for choosing rescue! Hugs to Amber from all of us at BREW.

  4. Susan Hurst

    I *LOVE* this dog!! I met Amber at the March adoption day in Newark, DE, and if I didn’t already have two big beagles (same size as her) she would have come home with me that day (husband says two’s our limit. :-<). She was the official greeter of everyone who came in, and was a total love sponge for all the affection she could get. DO NOT LET HER AGE DISCOURAGE YOU — I adopted my now 14 year old dog from BREW in 2006 when he was 8, he's doing great and is only now starting to slow down a bit. This is a great dog that's already trained (just may need to tune up on the specific rules in your house), and will fit right into your family and lifestyle. Don't pass her by, she's a real gem, and she deserves a great home.

    • Missy

      Amber has been adopted!

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